Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The sun is coming...

These days on the farm have been busy. The sun being absent has me trying to pull off something I know I'm not capable of: trying to teach them to have joy when there is rain.
To have joy when the sun is hidden.
 I keep looking out of my bedroom window and I see the signs. The robins have returned to find houses in trees and the buttercups have made their way up through dark soil to take center stage in my front yard. The nights are filled with the familiar sounds of the frog songs that I have grown up learning to listen for.
It all points to the sun and her warmth once again but she is still absent.
 So I must keep going until her return. 

I'm at a party and a lady I don't know comes up to me and says, "your boys have incredible manners". I look around to find them and I smile... their little frames still needing so much instruction "thank you", I say, "it's lots of work". She gives me a puzzled look and walks off but I'm determined not to take credit where credit is not deserved. Teaching our children takes work and teaching them to love being a blessing, to use good manners and take care of their sisters is an every day event at my home. I mess up and there are days I let things go. There are times that I lose my cool and my purpose in this life..
Standing in the rain, I simply forget the sun is coming.
 When I forget, it only lends itself to more trouble. I have a huge responsibility to my husband to train up our children in the way they should go and if I don't train, then how will they know how to get there?
My guys are super sweet and loving and they do take the responsibility of taking care of their sisters very seriously but only because of lots of training and God's grace. And occasionally a stranger sees us out and they practice what I've taught them about how to act and how to love.
 I teach them to love God. Some will say loving God is enough but I say loving God is just the beginning. Once they love God every other relationship flows from that one.
I can't be loving God if I'm not loving them.
I can't be loving them properly if I'm not loving God.

Don't leave out small details to get to the bigger things. Live in the small details of this one day and you will see the results of His hands. Hold them so gently and pay attention to the little things that bother them and then like sandpaper rub that place smooth. I know it's a balance of walking a tight rope over an open flame but it must be done and you, mom, must step out and step up and raise up a generation of children who love the Lord, their daddy and each other. 

Know their hearts. Be reminded why God gave you each of your children. I am the perfect
mom for this crew of mine and I trust the Lord that when He knit us (our family) together He knew what my abilities were going to be. He knew that He made me passionate about life, family and this old farm..He knew so I don't have to doubt that I have everything I need to raise up children who love Him. And if, along the way, they have good manners then I give Him all praise and glory...I didn't start this race only for them to finish with good manners but you have to start training somewhere and if they finish loving the Lord and  others and have great manners then I will be happy.  

If they can play bingo or swim? then that's a bonus :)

and if they will settle for nothing less than the very best God has to offer them then I am well pleased.
I have an advantage over most. I have the beauty of seeing the sunrise in my older children.
I have the privilege of having walked with them through the training days and see the results on the other end. I can't speak it enough ...train them, train them... diligently..intentionally..and you will reap the harvest of a beautiful sunrise.

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Karen Sue said...

oh, so, so, true. Those who have skipped the training stage have cheated their children and the world. I used to have kids in preschool that were known to be problems other places, but they knew what was expected and tolerated in our class, and they were good there. And you might see them out with parents behaving so poorly and you felt bad, knowing they were being judged by that behavior, when they were capable of being totally delightful.


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