Friday, February 1, 2013

Memories of us

(adj.)letting or being able to let expressive emotion show easily through one's face and eyes 

The way the sun sets her hair on fire first thing in the morning or the way he sleeps with honey (our dog) every night.   

The way she sits in a chair with her feet tucked underneath her singing a song I never knew she knew. The way she misses making rolls so I make just enough dough for her to roll out and feel the softness in between fingers.
Her little voice that says, " I'm gonna make you something good ". She stands by the oven and hands me her quarter size rolls and waits until I put them in. 
She waits.
Oh, I love the beauty of that moment
Her in apron waiting to pull her creation out of the oven.

The way she holds a cup of warm soup on a cold day and sits on the floor in my room telling me about her day. Asking hard questions that I don't know the answer to, but wish I did. We are growing closer and as her world cannot be made perfect by me anymore she is learning the importance of stability and true
friendship. Glad she has not wavered from the truth of who she is and what she wants.    

Seeing his eyes search the board for a move that I hope is there. His wit catches me off guard so many times. He worries over me, sleeps at the end of my bed every night. Bundled in covers and saying, " I love you mama." 
I love you Cullen, you're a joy. The sun barely coming up and he reaches up and says a big
"Good morning, did you sleep?"
" Yes, I slept, what about you?"
He always says the same thing...He stretches real big and says, "I slept GREAT!"

I'm reminded how special he is when I think about a couple of weeks ago when I took him to the doctor.
As we were leaving I was paying my co-pay and he looked concerned. 
When we got in the car he asked, "did that cost a lot of money?" 
I said, "$35.00" and he said, "I have $20.00 saved up so you can have that."
I looked at him and said, "Cullen, I don't need your money"
 "Thank you, Mom, for taking me to the doctor
Please understand I was moved to tears. All of my children have a gratefulness that I can't explain. Thanking you for little things like buying groceries or going to the dentist. My oldest ones started it and I think it was just caught by the younger ones. It's beautiful and I pray that they will continue to be a grateful bunch.
I know I am. 

The beauty of my day is found when I look past the mess or the tears and look for the fleeting things. This season of my life has me making memories of us.
Their hands, feet, smiles, tears and messes.
My sinks will be empty soon enough and the piles of laundry a distant memory
but I don't want to forget the way he slowly walked in the kitchen yesterday and shyly handed me a handful of flowers. Almost 18 years and I wondered if his wild flower days were a memory and as I reached out and took my gift he kind of rushed out of the kitchen. I wanted to drag him back and hug on him but I didn't want the magic of that moment to be lost. My thinking was if I didn't embarrass him maybe I would get more buttercups. They're now sitting in a glass jar. 
I swear I smile every time I see them.  He has turned into a fine young man and I'm so excited for him as his life is headed in a great direction for his future.    

So today on the Eve of the weekend go about making memories of the ones you love. The shoes they wear, their unzipped jackets, your pets, your world right now as it is. February 1st, 2013 so you will not forget God's faithfulness and they will remember yours. 


Kelly said...


I loved this very much.

Karen Sue said...

visiting colleges with my high school senior boy and wishing i had more years. his top choice is 4 hours away, with football added on so he'll be gone from August 10- Christmas. Gotta let him go, so I'll sew extra love into his graduation quilt and visit as often as I can and the quilt's going to have to deliver lots of hugs and goodnight kisses.


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