Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Don't pass down unchipped china

 The needs piling up with flu season and 6 kids down. My teaching must continue even when I don't feel like it or feel like I have the time. It's the best time to teach love and empathy when tempers are short and fevers are hot- they need forgiveness. I attempt to teach them to walk the road with love and sympathy because it might be you next with red cheeks and feeling bad. 

I spend my day teaching compassion and forgiveness. Yes, teaching.
Some people think that it's something you're born with, others think it's something you'll pick up some where along the way. Jesus taught His disciples saying, "blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." " Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy." 
Don't we know all of this?? If we were born to it then why did he teach it? I'm not that great of an example. I'm still learning. My children were not born with mercy. They were not born knowing how to love or show love. I had to teach them. So I press on teaching things like "bless those who persecute you". Forgive people who hurt you. 
You have to love your brothers and sisters now and build a relationship that will  still be standing years from now. Seldom done these days. Families scattered, brothers and sisters living miles from each other and no relationship.  It takes work and forgiveness to be in any kind of relationship they need to be practicing these skills now at an early age.    

I watch him check her temperature on a rainy day and she gently leans in and rest her head on his arm. He's whispering to her that she's gonna be okay. She trusts. She has no reason not to and he does what I've taught him. Nurture, care for the sick. When your sister is sick comfort her and serve her.This will do you good to know for your entire life.  Do small things with great love. Now before you go off thinking we are this perfect family I will remind you that we are not. My children fight and fuss. They are short tempered at times and they have to be reminded a lot to be gracious..(they're a lot like their mama.) Just setting the record straight. I never want to be a stumbling block to you that read my personal journal/thoughts..        

The wood on my table continues to be my go to place to teach and love on them. With a table the possibilities are endless. The hours spent serving at and feasting at my table are priceless. So why do I go through so much trouble to make supper so special? Birthdays a celebration; losing your first tooth a day to remember? Christmas a time for traditions, going out to restaurants, going on vacations that they will remember for their whole life? Just intentional everyday living. Unfortunately our world is screaming out to our kids and I want my voice to be heard in their lives. So I give them my time, my energy, when they're sick I try and  make a sweet dwelling place and give them comfort, When I'm sick they in return give me double the attention and love.   So I don't put my kids to bed and have a party or save the best for when the kids aren't around. We give them the best. We want them to know they are worthy of our best.   

  Our mission field to our children starts at our table. Don't pass down unchipped china, let it be banged up with lots of memories scattered around your dining room.

So during this season of flu and ear-aches I slow down and devote my time and energy to those around me. As I write I have a fevered up little girl laying on me. Exhausting work but the pay is incredible.  


Renata said...

Hi Robin
Another beautiful post ( you are such a talented writer) that speaks to my heart! ~ Thank You!
I hope your daughter is feeling better soon.
Lovely to finally have time to catch up here ( our visitors have gone & I feel like I'm catching my breath ~ it was lovely, but busy :)
Have a wonderful day

Karen Sue said...

so true that they learn what you live. DD home from college has had a friend who is spending most of her time here. I take it as a compliment that the welcome in our house wraps around her, but also understand the only girl missing her me time in the house. Sick time is a good time to see how everyone has a vulnerable side that needs loving and tending to. thanks for writing and please keep doing it. I don't get alot of comments, but I have people who will see me and ask me about something I posted. Kind of funny. Just sometimes it's nice to know that people read this and understand and appreciate it..


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