Monday, February 27, 2012

The Golden Ticket goes to.....

So I'm a day late on my drawing. Please forgive me. I wrote out all the names and checked them twice.

My helper Cullen was so excited to see who was going to win.
Although he didn't quite understand what they were going to win. 

He pulled a name and looked at it really hard and decided he couldn't read it.
So Cooper stepped in 

Jonna from Alabama was pulled.
Congrats Jonna..

Jonna, I'm so proud of you.
Many of you may not know Jonna but she is fighting
breast cancer right now. She is a remarkable lady and I'm honored
to call you friend and I stand in the gap with you and pray for your
full recovery. When you come to the conference please make sure you
meet Jonna, she will inspire you and make you want to be a better wife, mother, and grandmother.
She's just that awesome!  


Jonna from Alabama said...

Thanks so much, Robin, for the winning ticket and your lovely comments. I don't feel worthy of them. It really made my day. Today was my 3rd round of chemo and a rather uncomfortable test on my heart. God is totally in control of my life and future. Can't wait to get to the conference! Love you ladies!

Leslie said...

What a blessing to read this sweet post on the winner and to read the GOD honoring comment by Jonna!

If Anna and I get to come, we hope to be able to meet both of you.


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