Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another reason..

At times my house is so full that a bed would be hard to come by. My table is a constant place that I put food on to feed my family and friends and strangers. My home is not mine. It is the dwelling the Lord has given me to show Him that I love Him and am willing to share all that He has given me in order to make someone else's life a little easier or maybe fill their bellies or hearts. I love the laughter that is pinned up on these walls of mine. I hear it even as I write. The laughter of brothers.
Wait until you get a crowd and then your walls will strain to keep the happiness in.
 People often ask me how I do it all.  How I have so many people over at once or why and my answer is because I always get blessed when I feed others.
 I always love seeing people walk up my sidewalk and knowing
I have prepared for them. I have cooked or cleaned for them and they are most welcome in my home.

 When others come I am blessed. How can you have a home that is giving out more than taking in?
Start by having one family a month over. A small family will work fine. It takes a little practice working up to families who have 10 children:) but you'll get there. I love everyone sitting together, it just adds a touch of who I am. I'm kinda of a touchy feely kinda friend.... but you do what works for you. Just let your home be open. They will come and you will get the honor of feeding people from all walks of life if you first open your doors, well God's doors.  

I love celebrations. I celebrate children losing teeth to riding a bike for the first time. Look for ways you can celebrate and invite others to come and celebrate with you.
This night we celebrated the life of my little guy Cullen and  the Alabama Football national championship game. The food was simple but it was a huge hit. The laughter was loud and the fun factor will be remembered forever.

As my children get older I realize that having lots of people in and out of my home is shaping them to love each other more and to love others more regardless of color or position. They welcome all to their home..This is the gift the Lord gives back to you when you open your doors. Your children loving more deeply. Your children serving others. You don't have to go far if you're looking for a service project for your family, just simply open your doors and train your children to serve whomever God brings.  We have had families that love the Lord so much but we also have families that don't know the Lord and are hurting in this big world. We have had single moms and missionaries. We have had hunters and a dentist, large families with the most being 13 children and small families with a tiny new-born. We share our table with anyone and that means anyone. The poor,  the rich, friends and strangers, it doesn't matter our doors are simply open and the Lord brings them.

We love on all of them and when they leave my prayer is that they felt like they had
a meal with the Lord. 

Find a reason to celebrate and prepare to be blessed beyond measure. I'm already thinking of another reason to celebrate this up coming weekend. How about you? Can you simply open your door and let God bring someone to your table?


Laine said...

I LOVE having people over too!!!! I am not a great cook, but the fellowship hopefully makes up for it! Fellowship really fills my thankful for that gift!
Your blog inspires me to make my table prettier. I lack that knack. Your table GLOWS. I love big tables! LOVE THEM!!!!

And I want to make homemade laundry detergent. I put that on my bucket list. That and homemade bread. I have yet to do that but I am GOING to, I am!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your life and family!!!!!

Renata said...

Hi Robin
I love your new blog!!! Looks amazing!
Your home looks like so much fun & I'd love to come & visit! I love filling up our big table til it's overflowing too ( although it's not as big as yours :)).
Have a wonderful day my friend

Leigh said...

I am often convicted of not being Hospitable. I cannot remember the last time we have had anyone over other then family in the last few years ans then only on Holiday's. It is sort of a inferior complex on my part maybe but I do feel as women we are supposed to open our homes. Thanks for the encouragement in your post.
and..Roll Tide Roll!! (from Hueytown)

Keri said...

Beautiful Post!!And..where did you get that BIG table??..hope you don't mind me asking.

sheldonanddenise said...

Yahoo! I just found your blog and was instantly blessed! What a beautiful family! We have adopted twice now (boys 4 & 10) and anxiously await a call for a little girl(s). Such a long long wait :o( Did you adopt domestically? Wondering if we need to change agencies.... Blessings, Denise

Karen Sue said...

We started with 4 women getting together in the summer for a Bible Study, then in the fall, added the men and got together for a monthly Table of 8, dinner and Christian book discussion. Been doing it for going on our 3rd year and some months it's tough to find a good night for all of us, but we don't skip many...
We take turns hosting and furnishing the main part of the meal and the rest bring the side dishes.
Keep doing it, because it's the right thing to do!!

Rachel said...

Your blog always makes me reevaluate my thoughts and I am grateful. I think we will be having a few families over this week! I am not so good at playing hostess, but you inspire me to be better!

Laurel said...

LOVE it!

I LOVE having people over. We, too, have a BIG table, and we LOVE to fill it up.

Laurel :)


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