Monday, January 16, 2012

Whats that light?

The light streams in my home through my windows or through the smiles of those that He brings to my door. The light is so warming and comforting. I almost always throw a blanket down and a pile of books and before I know it the kids are sitting in the light reading and never even notice . Something has drawn them there to that spot but then we're all drawn to the light. The truth of who we are and what we do with our little piece of light the Lord gives to us.  The warmth around them as they sit..I love this and I do believe it will be one of my fondest memories of my children's childhood( besides my table), the light on blankets and books. Their shadows cast on my wall. When memories have been captured, laying down beside them and feeling their warm arms and reading to them. Smelling the sunshine on their hair..  Putting my face in the warmth of the Lord's goodness.

 Again I fed the hungry this weekend as I do three times a day 7 days a week.  I don't know about you but I consider this big bunch of mine a multitude.The Lord always providing for our daily bread and my door so open that I wonder who will show up this time. The stories and laughter of 15 extra people at my table this past weekend, some I knew and some I had never met in my life, and my table holding strong as the feet and legs dangled under her. My children serving and my heart begging to know if they know my God. This young man is a star football player at our local high-school. He is kind and gentle off the field and he will probably go play college football at Alabama ( if I had my vote).. A face in my home that I know nothing about but he came to eat and eat he did, but not without having a little boy look up to him and respect him for just being there.

Looking out my window, I notice their little clothes hanging in the light. Again I whisper thank yous to God for the light. It dries my clothes and warms my children. It never goes out unless I stop looking. Unless I close my eyes to all around me.

My heart always looking for the light and when I look I see it everywhere. Just like when I open my doors. God only needs me to open and then He rushes past me, things happen in my life and in the life of my children. We notice when others are having a hard time. We notice when others are hungry or tired. We notice when others need shoes or a bible. In my home I can ask....

Do you have your own bible?
the answer was I don' heart pounding as I realize that this little 9 year old didn't have God's word.

I can fix that.

God used me because first I was willing. He uses shower His love to others.

School is always in session. We are busy counting, and learning colors...The older ones learning and pressing on, even when our days are long. Because more often than not our days are long and hard at times. We struggle with the same things that every family struggles with but we have a promise that if we keep what is important to God the main focus He will step in and fill the gaps as we go along. Oh I'm so thankful for the gaps He has filled in my role as wife and mother. He has drawn lines for me that are pleasant and although not everyday is easy with disciplining 8 children and others, I keep moving forward and I keep laughing at my silly self because God's got this and somedays I feel as though if I move a little to the left or a little to the right it might all crash down around me.
Silly silly me.

We have food to eat and Dr.s who we can go to when little boys are sick. When little boys cough through the night and I wonder what I would do if I lived in a place that has no Dr.s... We complain about waiting rooms and traffic getting there.. We complain about the money it takes and we ask ourselves why our co-pay is so high and then we complain some more. A complaining bunch I would say. When people in other countries would love for their children to be well. When I have friends who don't have money for Dr.s or even when she is so sick she can't hold her head up because of a fever she has to go work anyway because she is a single mom and work equals money and without it she struggles deeper. We help, not because we feel sorry for her, but because we have extra and God says give. I need to help or sometimes I think I'll burst if I'm not looking for ways to help others.

This week we were sick with what seems like something that lasts forever...and our dear friends brought us chicken noodle soup and salad..They fed the hungry and they encouraged me so much by allowing themselves to bless our family. The soup slowly warming and my children waiting in line for their portion of this meal given to us by our heavenly father..He used others to love on us and He will use you also if you let him.

What can you do this week to shower God's light all around you? Who's load can you make easier. Who can you feed or clothe or buy a bible for? Look for it, it's all around you, don't cover up your eyes.

God will use you if you say Yes!


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