Monday, September 5, 2011

Hurricane Lee blew in the rain

They just woke up and the rain had set in, millions of drops, slowly falling endlessly out my window.
I told them to go get their swim suits on and grab a bar of soap that they would take their bath outside today.
Roars of laughter went up and the excitement mounted as they went in all directions looking for their swimsuits. They ran into the wet stuff as if they had never played in rain before but we all know they have. There is something about rain though that makes each time like new and must be run through and felt all over again.  Faces feeling the cool drops of the hurricane rain as I called it, their wet footprints running and jumping on this land. Their laughter echoing off the trees that stand along our borders

The girls not so sure of their first outside shower, so they took it slow. Josie sucking her thumb and getting rather sleepy in the swing as she looked out over the rain soaked farm. Ellie kept looking up as if wondering where all the wet stuff came from. The drum-drum-drum of the rain hitting the ground mixed with the laughter of children that live here, these are the things that memories are built of, experiencing the rain.

I remember as a little girl every time it rained my dad would send me and my brothers out side with a bar of ivory soap and we would wash in the rain, just like my kids are now. I still remember the smell of the soap when the water hit it. I pray they remember their rain baths and send their own kids out .

After their rain showers they came in and dried off , snuggled in covers two by two and read their new books. Younger ones listening while older ones read but each one clean and warm and smelling the familiar smell of something good cooking.

While they were reading Taylor and I made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. I looked around and smiled at the memories we had made in only a couple of hours. I'm so thankful for the wind that moves our trees and brings in the millions of rain-drops that call me to send my children out and to play in the rain. I'm thankful for the food that brings us together smiling and laughing around our table.

I'm thankful that my children don't mind still getting wet. I have played in rain with Taylor and Tucker but they have passed over and will not play in the wet stuff anymore, a small reminder that these little ones will one day say no also to the rain-drops, so I have to enjoy the moment now and build memories that will forever be etched in their minds.


Heart4Adoption said...

Precious post:) Precious memories:)

Renata said...

What wonderful memories you've made that day! I love the idea of bathing in the rain ~ we always enjoy playing in the rain if it comes when it is warm enough, but never bathed ~yet! :)
Have a wonderful day

Kimmie said...

Just today my momma was telling my children (7 of the 8) about times when she was a girl and taking showers in the rain.

Neat I found you today.

What a beautiful family you have and what memories you have to cherish.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted


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