Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Day Well Spent

 What is it about the coolness that drives me outwards?
Outdoors to bask in the warmth and coolness that
seems to mix.
The changing of seasons always helping me to reflect
 on life. Making sure I'm pouring my life out
for those the Lord has brought in.

Holding little girls as they experience new things and being
so thankful that I get to be a small part of their life. This season with
them is busy and as I try and juggle the everyday I realize more than
ever how I need grace and the love of a gracious Lord
to get through a day..

Having a little girl help me bake cookies, the dough ends up mostly on her
and she holds her arm out and says, "mom do you want to lick me? it's good!"
"Well, Channie I think I will.."
Her laugh and mine mixed all up..
and for the record she tasted sweet! 
These moments I can't afford to miss..
I have to be there for these kind of moments. 
Loving them all and trying to fit into my day everything
the Lord wants me to teach them.
It's alot and my blog takes back seat
to my real work.
 My life's work:
Wife and Mother
Some days I long to be here behind my computer typing my
thoughts and making sure my memories don't fail
me one day but I can't.
 I don't have the freedom to do what I want
and so I take the moments that I have and put on paper,
sorta speak that the mission is worth it.  

Remembering the Seasons
and the changes that they bring
teaches me to always depend on the Lord
and to enjoy the beauty that is before me.


bbmommy2 said...

The blending of the seasons is the most beautiful time of the whole year. A cool breeze with the suns warmth on your face. Playing in fallen leaves. Warm fires and pots of delicious soup simmering away...yes, I am in love with Autumn.

Thinking on these words, "Remembering the Seasons and the changes that they bring teaches me to always depend on the Lord and to enjoy the beauty that is before me." Reminding myself...

Things are beginning to "even out" here...thank you for your kindness. You encouraged me with your words, on a day I was feeling discouraged. Precious woman of God! Love you friend, Brandi

Eva said...

Just reading a few of your latests posts. I love it. It is calming and inspiring and I think you do a beautiful job of making your blog time profitable, without taking from your family. Praying you have a wonderful week, Robin, and thanks for sharing your life with other like minded Moms!

In Him, Eva


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