Thursday, October 21, 2010

how beautiful...

The team, my team, was in my yard.
The blues and the yellows.
 I found my voice crying out for both sides
and they knew
I couldn't possibly choose.

They tossed and ran and tackled even though it was supposed to be tag.
Boys can't help it. They bump and fall and wrestle and look over at
me to make sure I'm looking. Of course I'm looking.
This is my team. The team I pray with.
The team I teach and disciple.
The team that I share a home with.....
One for all and all for one.
The beautiful gift of a large family,
so you always have your own football team.



Daddy giving last minute advice on which way to run. Their eyes looking to
him. Wanting to know the way to run.
A daddy slowing down and playing
with all his kids.

Coop coming in for the flag..
(By the way, these flags were well the money.
It's always fun to play football with the right
equipment and the kids love putting these belts on.
It makes them feel official....)

                                    You couldn't keep my girls out of the game if you tried. These two make
me laugh. They share a room and they share secrets.
They're sisters and their love is so sweet. 
I'm so thankful they get to spend so much time together.
Taylor mentoring Channie, helping guide
her up in the way she should go.
How beautiful is the gift of siblings.

How beautiful the game of football!


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