Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"A wise woman builds her house.." proverbs 14:1

My skirt touching the back of my calves and my apron already dirty before 1o:ooam. I notice the weeds popping up in my garden and hear one of the kids crying around the front of the house. This feels like deja-vu all over again. Didn't I just do the same thing yesterday?
Laundry on the line before the sun is hardly up and lunch and supper on my mind. Teaching a little one to read. Correcting wrong attitudes. Making time for my husband, wishing I had more time with him.
Sweeping the same floors that never stay clean. Feeding bottles and changing diapers and more laundry, always laundry.
My car has not left it's spot since the weekend. I'm here building my house; one imperfect board at a time, day by day. Trying my best to be a wise woman that the Lord speaks of but knowing I fail miserably at times.
Stepping out on the same steps that lead me to my yard
where my kids are playing and running and soaking in the dirt that has been a part of them since they were born. I'm stepping over swords and pretend swords made out of sticks of every kind. Telling a little girl how I played kitchen when I was her age and then pretending to eat grass soup and tell her how very good it is.
She says that when she is a Mommy she will play this with her little girl. I think to myself how wonderful that would be. Rocking crying babies and looking down at the wonder they are.
Kissing the many boo-boos that run through my front door and trying to be concerned with each and everyone like only a mother could be:) cleaning noses, and faces and stop for just a moment and realize their getting bigger and push that thought out of my mind...
I walk to my backdoor and up my steps again where I climb back in my home and continue doing the same thing I did yesterday.Learning to love being home and learning to make each day special and new.
You can always find me here. Busy about my day and looking forward to doing it all again... tomorrow :) The kids, my chickens and the goats all learning to live day by day....and looking forward to tomorrow and thanking the good Lord for new beginnings.


Shonni said...

Ohhh, I love this post. I love how you wrote it also.

bbmommy2 said...

Your day sounds very familiar. Except being up before the sun...I'm working on that one. :)

I loved reading this.

Life is a precious gift to be cherished. You cherish it beautifully!

my love to you,

missy said...

beautiful mommy, i miss you...
love, m

Masood said...

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