Tuesday, April 27, 2010

come sit at my table

We've sat here for an hour. Laughing, listening, learning....As my eyes drift around my table
I see laughter and happiness around this 'used to be' tree. I slow down here. I laugh more and listen better. I have learned so much as I have lingered around this wood. My candles almost used up for the week. My china has made it through another meal. We use our china almost every night. I don't stress about it. I just use it and when the day comes that a cup gets chipped or a bowl broken I will only be sad that I have one less bowl..but the memories are piling up in the mean time using it.When the kids get older they will know my modest china. They will have memories of eating from it and washing it.

I have seen some beautiful china locked up behind glass doors and never brought out. It will be passed down to some other china cabinet with different glass doors and never used. Only looked at from a distance.

Supper time...

This is my favorite time of the day. Supper around this big ole' table. I greet Scott here at the end of his long day. I refresh him here. I have a table set for the most important company in the world: my family. I use cloth napkins and just throw those in the washer at the end of the night.
I use candles and bread plates and fancy flowers from their father are always in the middle.
The lights are dim and there is music in the background.

You might ask "why go to so much trouble?" and I don't know... I just like the way it feels when everyone anticipates dinner time. Wondering what mama's going to come with next. Yeah, it's a little extra work but in this season of my life what else do I have to do?...besides laundry......


kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...


Hey, we should dip candles next!

Chantelle said...

Thank you for this reminder to make supper time special. I love it. (I also love your new blog format. And I was surprised when I opened it this morning because I JUST decided a few days ago that I HAD to get a pic of my newest daughter's little brown hand with one of the dandelions she keeps picking for me!) :) I won't make it my blog header ... yours is lovely though.

Just A Family said...

hey Given much momma,
I agree those little brown hands are the sweetest!

thanks for stopping by...


Laurel said...

What a great post!

People are always shocked that our family of 14 uses pretty table cloths. I have different tables cloths and table decorations for all different seasons of the year. I change our dining room theme every couple of months. Yes ... I want our meal time to be special.

Most families in the U.S. eat together only occasionally. Our family eats 3 meals a day together, and only occasionally is not everyone there (everyone that currently lives at home, at least ... it's been awhile since EVERYONE was around the table)

Yes, our teens and young adults look forward to the family dinner. And, breakfasts are a big thing at our house, too. (No cold cereal here.)

LOVE your beautiful table.



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