Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When you love someone

She reaches over and pulls him in. She is telling him a secret and he is laughing so hard I wonder what she said. They share the better part of their day either laughing together or being mad at each other.
Sharing is easy.
Sometimes it's not so easy.
She falls down.
Some days
he gently helps her up
and looks at her boo-boo
with such concern.
Other days he walks
right past her and I have
to remind him to be a gentleman
and help her up.
Some days she tells on him
for everything. Some days they

wouldn't tell on each other
for anything...
She can make him laugh,
He can make her cry,
they need each other.
She dies more to herself with
Jo than any other person
in our house.
He learns more about love and forgiveness from Channie than anyone else.
I can almost see the Lord giggling when he made these two
brother and sister.
I have learned more about
being a mom by having these two in my life.
They take motherhood to an all new level.


Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

You should frame that picture!

Anonymous said...

Precious pics!


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