Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My clothes stained from the day. I look cautiously at the clock
and finish buttering the bread. The choice is mine.
Do I retreat to freshen up or will he understand? I keep
on and it seems like there is always something else to do.
The door opens, he's early. The kids screaming, "Daddy!!".
I have noone to hold to cover my stains. I just stand and wait my
turn. He catches my eye and he grabs me as if it's been days since he
last kissed me. I melt in his embrace and I'm thankful that I stand a little
tired, a little stained, but he pulls me to him with such ease.
His words still echoing from our morning talk,
"Lean on me Robin, I can handle it."
I believe him.
I could not possibly have enough hours with this man.
The days could never ADD up "to enough".
The table is set, the food is hot, the conversations loud, and no-one
notices that I have stains on my shirt.

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Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

How Beautiful!

That's what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

I love to read what you write, Robin. -Shauna

Anonymous said...

How sweet and precious is this. Cling to what the Lord has so graciously blessed you with my friend. Value it as though you may not have one more minute of it. I love you sister. A

Anonymous said...

your words are such a blessing.
like reading your blog.


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