Sunday, August 21, 2011

To See is everything

 My days are filled and sometimes I get so busy that I fail to see everything that I need to. I see love, I see conflict between my children and  me and Scott on occasion.
I see the wondering of one of my children seeing something big as life when I've seen the same thing thousands of times and have forgotten that it is special. I fail to see my life through the eyes of my Father. My Father's world right here in front of me and I fail to see it.

The days around here sometime feel as if they all run together. Sometimes I have the flickering hope that they, being the children, got what I was trying to teach them yesterday only to see that flicker snuffed out today.
I scarcely know how to proceed on such days.

Everyday  my view changing so that I see things differently.( This is one of the many reasons I will never write a book on parenting or tell you for certain that the way I'm doing it is the best way because I feel terribly unqualified.) Maybe when I'm 70 and my children are well vested in their life and are walking out their faith and are not messed up to the point that they may need counseling :) then I might write a book.
I'm not saying I won't mentor younger moms because I do and I will give you my opinion if asked, but to have my thoughts on paper might just seem to me, wasted paper.

Right now my view is always changing, because the Lord is always changing and working on me. He has so much work left to do and I keep asking him if he's going to finish this work in me before I mess everything up. (He gets my humor)
So I'm forever looking at things different. Getting a different perspective each day. Always seeing if it lines up with the word of God. If it doesn't then yet again I change the way I do it because my pride leads me down deceiving paths that I almost believe that I'm right a lot of the time.

To see is everything. To see where God has you and where God wants you. To see  where God wants your children and everyday push them more to be there in that place that He wants them not where you want them.

To wake up before the dawn and see the world around you before the Lord warms it with His sun.
You need Him in this journey of mother-hood. No-one has all the answer's except for him. Glean from others but sit at His feet and pester Him for the true answer's,  and I do daily.

I see new days,  new sun-rises as a day to reteach what I taught yesterday and keep teaching it until they have it. I see a new day to love and to show such sweet kindness within my walls maybe a gentleness that is unrecognizable by the world outside my living room windows.
To see my home, my failures, my victories through the eyes of God because what I think doesn't matter anyway.


Laine said...

Yes, to see is everything. I know you said you do mentor young moms...but you have mentored me without even realizing it, sister. And I am FAR from a young mom. ;)

Blessings to you on this day!

Renata said...

Thank you for keeping it real - I think often we get so busy in life we forget to see, yet we need to.
I have gleaned so much from your writings ~ thank you

Cindy said...

Me being the old (wiser) woman...hahaha...well let me tell you are RIGHT about turning to God...He made us and understands us...but He also made these children...and I assumed all children growing up in our somewhat perfect home...with solid Christianity all around them...homeschooling 24/7...large bonding family...all now walking with God...would all have wonderful childhood memories. ARGHHHHHHHHH not you know that 3 out of my 5 barely remember anything we did under the age of 11
the other two are like me and remember everything from toddler up. My second daughter who was never far from my side...I was singing a song to her daughter and she says...that sounds familiar..whatttt...we sang this song alllllll the time...she has no memory of it..I had to teach it to her.

My point in take each day..make it for the Lord and for your household..and relax..some will grab the learning memory ring...and will quote you till you are silly...and some will just smile and say..I must of had a great childhood..I feel secure and comforted and I know I was loved!!

My advice is enjoy them...sometimes I think I didn't enjoy them the way I should of.That is my one and only regret..I was a neat freak..and I tried to pass that on to them..NOT.Again 3 out of the 5...different group are like me..clean freaks and the other two...oh my!!lol

Enjoyed reading your chat...sorry so know how we old folk

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Intentional Living Homestead said...

This post was so beautifully felt like I was writing it....only because I totally understand and echo everything sentiment.

Thank you for sharing your heart.


Laurel said...

Great post. Beautiful thoughts.

If I had stopped at "only 6" kids, I would now be able to sit back and say, "I did the best I could." However, while those 6 are all grown and gone, I have 6 youngers still at home. So, I am continually asking the Lord to show me what He has for me today ... for this time ... for these children. Always learning and growing.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday. I am always BLESSED when I hear from you.

I am hoping for a road trip next month to your area of the country. I would LOVE to meet you all, if we can get out that way. I'll let you know ...

Laurel :)


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