Sunday, January 25, 2015

A place we call Puckett's

Sometimes, in my life, I see the beauty so clearly and today was one of those Crystal clear days.
The stacked firewood and the cozy fires crackling outside of one of our favorite places to get away,
Puckett's. It's actually Leipers Fork, Tenn, but Puckett's is a cozy little store/ restaurant.

It serves a mean bacon-cheeseburger and well the little one bathroom stall only lends itself to the charm.
It's a little country town in the middle of nowhere, but the charm is amazing
and it keeps us going back time after time to eat a burger or sit a spell at the fire-pit.
For some reason this place stops the motion of the everyday and draws you in to the 
slower pace of "Puckett's ville". Why don't we find more Puckett's on our journey? The slower pace of enjoying simple things like twinkly lights and good music and great art.

We go down country roads that house people like Toby Mac and Keith Urban. Their houses making us breathe deeper and the awes from  the back seat are never-ending as the houses seem
to get bigger and bigger the further down the road we go.

This trip we took Tay and Marlee along 

Known for their bacon cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries, they didn't
disappoint. We had a table full of food and laughter and lots of love. 

Marlee was passed around more than the ketchup bottle but she didn't mind.

We carved our names in tables along-side many others while
 the owners watched and encouraged. Cullen, before pulling his knife out of his 
pocket said 'mom your serious?' Yes, Cullen you can.
Channie-Mae, wasn't  going to be left out of the fun so she carved her own name to the beat of
the blues going on behind us. 

 We walked down the little charming path to the next business and the beauty of art was all around us. This little treasure of stores, tucked in, off the beaten path, made us want to linger.  Linger we did
at the roaring fire pit as the flames danced in a cool breeze.

They had fire pits and marshmallows and an old wooden bench to sit on. The lady running
the local art gallery told the kids to eat as many as they wanted.
I don't think she sees many kids this time of day and I don't think she realized these kids
could eat some marshmallows.

The art was amazing and the owner/artist's reflection of the Lord in his art work was so 
Did I mention he has a thing about Birds and I happen to be called Birdie.
 I love this little place.
Scott and I spent a week here over the summer and I would come into this little gallery
and be drawn in by the music and the smell of the place.
Our marriage being renewed here, just down the street in a gated horse farm.
The lush grass and the quietness of the foothills bringing our marriage to a sweet place of remembrance of being each other's. The slowing down and letting go is a place we long to get back to this year, Lord willing. Keeping our marriage a priority is so hard but it is something we are committed to.

As much as I love the gallery I love the art the Lord has given me more.

The art of their faces as they blow out lighted fluff, or the way the flames keep them warm.
The joy of eating a cheeseburger hot off the grill or carving your name in a table.
The art of the everyday.
The beauty within their smile.
I don't have to drive to Leipers Fork to experience beauty
The many laughters and squeals along the journey is priceless, and well, my heart is bent toward these kids like the willow in the front yard leans heavy over the pond. I just love experiencing life with them and now experiencing life with Marlee.   

The drive home, quiet, in the dark, as they drift off to sleep. The trees pass their windows and their mama drives through the night to get them home to a waiting daddy, who doesn't like coming home to a dark house without us.

We tuck little girls in, 
 wearing their new thick sweaters, snug in covers saying prayers thanking God for a fun day and then a little whisper that says
"Mama, I want to go back to Puckett's."
I whisper back, "Me too".


Anonymous said...

I love the way you write about your family. As you read you can feel the love. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So good to visit here, your blog. You were one of the sweet lady's that encouraged me to get away with my husband several years ago. We did and have been since. Such a huge blessin to our marriage and ultimately our family. Thank you for makin it a priority and sharin that with us. It looks like ya'll had a great day in Tn.!!! That grandbaby is precious!!! tammy


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