Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wow a great adoption day!!

Well lets see this morning we got a call from the post office letting us know
they found the birth certificate...Yeah!!!!! I got the kids medicals sent off.
I got our I600 sent off....I called insurance company,they have to send us
a letter letting Acres Of Hope know that Campbell will be covered by insurance
the moment she sets foot of American soil....so all in all this was a wonderful
productive day in bringing our little girl home...

I have to say its alot like being pregnant..I'm emotional and I go through so many
different emotions in one day..from being scared to being so anxious..
The kids are also going through emotional stuff....Scott had a sit down family
meeting this morning before he left to just kinda keep everyone on the same
page...I love that man.....

As alot of you may know we went and met with the Social worker yesterday
for our first meeting..She was really sweet and I don't think we said anything
We have another meeting on Monday to discuss our childhoods....Its a one hour
one on one meeting and so that should be fun.....but after that the next Monday
she will come to our home and then that's it......

Just keep praying for all of our paper work...We have paper work needing to come
in from several different places for our dossier.....

Over all its been a great start to our week.....

Please say a little prayer for Campbell that someone will hold her today and love
on her....



Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

your doing a great job on your blog!!


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