Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ok back on it today..

Sorry for just now getting back to the blog thing everyone around here has
been sick......
We are getting down to the wire as far as our homestudy goes.
We got more of our paperwork in today and everything is done except
for our last visit by our social worker and our fingerprints back from the state..
It has really seemed like a fast process thus far and I can't wait to get everything
turned in to AOH....After we turn in our stuff to acres we should get a referral
between 1-3 months......and then it takes 1 month to get our childs passport and
we travel 2 weeks later..Could we get Champbell home before Christmas???????
Ok I wont go there I don't want to get my hope's up...
I have been doing alot of reading on how you should discipline an adopted child.
People on acres site seem to be split on the subject. I agree with the ones that
say Gods word is sufficient on the subject.....We plan to discipline Champbell just like
we do our own children because she will be our child...

Anyway thanks to God for his blessings,

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