Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Today is my 14Th mothers day. I have to admit that I love being a mother more than
anything else in the world except of course being the wife to my wonderful husband.
I love what one of my favorite authors wrote about mothers.
Motherhood is definitely a serving role.
I think this is why we manage to be better with
each succeeding child. We gradually learn to
to let go of our selfishness and realize that our greatest joy
is in serving others, rather than being served.But,oh, how easy
it is to forget! I have to admit that I have been guilty of stomping
around the house,exclaiming, "I am just a servant around this place!"
Then the voice of the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart and says,
"Nancy, isn't that what I came to do?"
How is it we think we are above God himself.. We get tired of serving so we gripe and complain.
This is not the heart of God. We should not tire of serving our family we should do it with a full
heart and it should overflow like milk and honey... This does not happen natural, we can not
do this without Gods help everyday. I mess up and I go before God and ask forgiveness and then I humbly go before my children and ask for them to forgive their mother, and they always do.
I love seeing all those brown eyes looking at me and knowing one day they wont be around as
much and so I soak them in now...I look forward to waking up each and everyday and knowing I have them to share my day with.....I pray that God will continue to send us little ones in what ever way he see's fit because I want to grow old with LOTS of little ones around my table and my heart........

So Happy Mothers Day to all and let us not forget to serve with a joyful heart and our children will learn from us..

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