Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fevers,Feelings and freezers

The morning always brings the patter of 'little feet' to my bed. Without fail as the sun rises up above the pasture and darkness fading my door slowly opens. I wonder this morning who the morning will bring.

It's almost always someone different.

They must try and be the first to get to snuggle with mommie and daddie.

Those priceless few mins before the world wakes up.

On this morning it was Coop. He was HOT and coughing and I knew by the pressing of my lips on his soft forehead that he had a fever. He snuggled down and started sharing with me how bad he felt. I reassured him that he would be fine and the medicine would make him feel better soon.

I piled him up on the couch and couldn't keep his brothers from sharing in his pain. They hovered around him like sparrows with a new nest full of babies.

As the afternoon wore on the hot cheeks and complaints of the rest started coming. All four of the little ones had fevers and headaches.

This is when you realize having lots of little ones is not for the faint of heart.

The complaints of everyone must be heard. Someone is always feeling worse than someone else.

The days moves own. The hours drag by.
The feeling of everyone is on edge. Short tempered, tired, and my man is not expected home
until late.
He decides he is needed more here and leaves his meeting to come home early.
Fresh perspective and a fresh set of nerves he comes in and makes it all better.
Everyone is relived when daddy is home.He is our Super-man.......

I started wondering if I take that much comfort in my Heavenly Father. If in His presence I let him make everything better.If when I'm scared or sick or wondering of the un-knowns I let Him in to give me a new perspective.

Not feeling my best this new morning I start out again with a fresh new day. Channie was the first in our bed and lips to forehead the warmth still there. One by one they file in red cheeked and grumpy and I know at once that I'm thankful for days like this. Off schedule, blankets in the floor, movies on the tv,and lots of patience and hugs....

My superman left and a few mins later my freezer went out...I called his number and he responded with such strength as always. "Don't worry I'll take care of it."


scott said...

You are such a great lady!

Thanks for such uplifting words.

missy said...

praying your babes are feeling better soon.
your friend in florida

MamaHen said...


I'm so sorry. It can be hard when everyone is sick, and even worse when mom is sick! I hope ya'll feel better tomorrow. I was sick Monday and my mom had to come and rescue me. My superman had taken the day off Friday to go to Lifeline and he could not take off Monday too. But thank goodness for Moms!

S and K said...

Precious... hopefully they are feeling better by now!

Hopefully you didn't come down with it too!



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