Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letters by candlelight

We sat as she read us her 20 page letter. The words melting through us and around us as we listened. Tears fell and emotions were deep as the words lingered. Dear friends moving, leaving, and to us nothing will seem the same.We sat in candle light and her voice kept cracking ever so slightly as the memories flooded our mind of times spent with these precious and dear friends.
I watched all of their faces as each word was spoken and I thought,  "this is how it must have been in the 'old' days when letters would come and the whole family would gather around and listen.When news from the war or from loved ones who had taken the journey to live in a foreign land would make its way to the candle light of home"...
She read the last words, "Dad would have absolutely loved the place. It's so tucked back at the end of a little old dirt road. We are so grateful-and awed- by His provision to our family; such a wonderful farm... It has everything we ever dreamed of." 
Memories pouring in and my tears dancing in the candle-light. Saying good-bye and knowing that things have forever changed and some things will never be the same.

I guess through my life that's the one thing I've learned more. One decision, one act of God's hand, will change everything. Which leads me to this guy, Jason Cooper. Today is his 10th birthday and the Lord forever changed me by this incredible gift of his life. I will not forget how sweet the Lord was to cover my sin of not trusting Him for more children and giving me the gift of Coop. The joy and laughter that he has brought to our lives is a constant reminder of the gift he is. God is good and oh, He has been so good to me. He gave me Cooper and I will praise Him. He took William and I will praise Him. God is always good, we just have to remember that.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful son who knows right and chooses to do right. You are a giver of so many blessings to our family and I pray that God's blessings continue to over-flow you in this up coming year.  


The coldness has us mostly in doors here on Chandler farm but our heads are swimming with our up-coming homesteading ideas. We have rabbits again and are looking forward to getting our baby chicks in a few weeks. We are baking bread and trying new recipes like Artisan style bread. We are making our own laundry detergent and still using our clothes line even though it's cold..We are gearing up to make a batch of homemade soaps, and we bought heirloom seeds to plant in our green house. So even though the temps outside are cold we are making plans for a busy spring.

God Bless you in your endeavors to celebrate life and the calling of everyday motherhood in your own home. Because if you don't celebrate the gifts God gave you then who will? 

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Renata said...

Beautiful Robin!
I'm glad for your friends that the Lord has led them to this new place, but saying goodbye sure is difficult. (We've just got back from a holiday up with our family & friends who we left behind 4 years ago & this time I found it really difficult to return).
Happy Birthday to your precious boy! My eldest turns 10 this year & it's hard to believe how quickly the time has passed.
God bless you


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