Wednesday, December 7, 2011

She's motionless in my window

She usually fills my kitchen with the most beautiful of songs.

 She awakes when the sun hits her solar panel back and warms her.

 She sings all day until the sun drifts down toward the west then she sleeps.

 Today though she is quiet and I find myself waiting for her to sing but she doesn't. I find myself looking over at her as if nudging her that this would be a great time for her sweet melodies, but she remains still.
 It's cloudy outside and well I guess she wont be singing much today.

 I miss her song, she sits motionless in my window waiting.

 It's a reminder to me that my  life song should always be heard not anticipated.

 I don't want my children or husband waiting for me to sing when my circumstances get better or all my needs are met.

 I want my singing and praising to be constant. I want it to be heard in every room in my home. I want it to be familiar and copied.

 My praises to the Lord, I don't want them to have to wait for it.

 It's cloudy I will praise Him for the clouds and the way He fills them with water or snow.

 It's sunny I will sing of the warmth of the day that fills my kitchen and my yard with children who play in His warmth.

 It's cold I will praise Him for the house that He gave me and the walls that protect my family and keep them warm.

I want my song to be a constant reminder of my dependence on Him not my circumstances.

 I wonder if she will sing tomorrow? If the conditions will be perfect enough to set her playing her soft chimes? I don't want my children or husband to ask the same of me. I will sing today. I will be heard. I will not sit motionless. I pray you will do the same.



Mrs. Stam said...

Amen! this is just PERFECT!!!! love this post, thank you

Sheila said...

We had weather like that 3 days ago. I found myself with the same thoughts.....and as I lit some candles and was filled with the Spirit's warmth, I was reminded to pray for those who just can't seem to pull themselves out of the gloom. Today the sun is shining....and no Spirit lead thoughts.....just noticing the fingerprints that really need to be washed off my windows. ;)
Embrace life.

Renata said...

Oh this is so challenging Robin. I often find I'm waiting... but then I need to remind myself that all I may have is today & to make the most of it & to count my blessings today...right now!
Thank you for your beautiful words!
Have a wonderful day my friend

Keri said...

That was Beautiful.Just a couple of days ago my husband and I were discussing something in the midst of a trial and he wanted me to sing "Rejoice in the Lord Always and again I say Rejoice"..At first I thought he was I knew I needed to sing it..and I did.Kind of funny that your post would be such a reminder..No coincedences in this world..Just the Work of the Lord. Thankyou!!

Laurel said...



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