Thursday, December 22, 2011

Capturing Faces

The rain was filling buckets but I went anyway. I usually try and take the kids out and celebrate them a few at a time. As the mother of a large family it's so easy to miss little things about each of them so I try and spend time with smaller groups on occasion. This little group ended up having me in belly laughs the whole afternoon.  I took them to Red Robin and they sang, danced, ate, and watched the t.v that was directly behind me. I sat across from Ellie and Josie and Cullen and just kind of sat there listening and watching their beautiful faces. They broke in to their little music so often that people around us were laughing. Everyone stopping by to see these two. I watched. I they sang Rain, Rain Go Away and Old McDonald's Farm.

 Enjoying who God made them to be. They are funny and these girls can eat. They kept sharing their food with Cullen and taking his as well.

The big moment came when I ordered the biggest mountain of ice-cream cake ever and Ellie's face couldn't take it all in. They are that special...To order the big thing off the menu and build these memories that I will never forget and never let them forget. The time when their feet dangle under tables and ice-cream and cake
still shake them up.

These times of motherhood seem to slip by if you don't stop and make time to celebrate the simpleness
of your everyday life. Carry a camera, capture the faces, and get ready to build your memories.


thatsmeRRC said...

Your new "look" is great! I liked the old one too of course. :) I seek out your blog to be encouraged to really see my sweet ones when I look at them... Your posts are thoughtful and lovely, thank you for sharing them with strangers!

just a girl from Texas,

Anonymous said...

Ditto the previous commenter and also, I love how your son is seriously studying your daughter. To be a student of one another... beautiful. I am encouraged... Liz

Parroquia de Cristo Rey said...

Good reading


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