Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The sweet smell of honeysuckle on the farm

 The smell of the honeysuckle hits you hard here on the farm. The flowering bush is all around me. The smell drawing me closer until at last I have pulled one of the kids down to the edge and showed them how to drink the honeysuckle juice. God always provides ways we can be thankful for small things like the smell of honeysuckles and little farm girls who love putting on daddy's hat. It's been a slow start to our summer here. With the devastation of the high winds it's almost as if your own life is put on hold because your heart is so heavy for your friends. There seems to almost be a standing still of time that is so slight that you can't put your finger on it but as we know time does not still herself. The weeds are still coming up in my little box gardens and the sun blanket is covering the farm, the heat already has the kids eating Popsicles, and begging to go swimming, time goes on. The clock always giving her minutes away and the honeysuckle blooms, and as I look out across our land I see it everywhere and I'm thankful for the routine of the Lord. The way He sets things in their time and how He knows that just a smell will remind me to look for Him and I do look. I know He is there. I see Him, I smell His love, I feel His presence and thus feel hope that He that can make the blooming honeysuckle can heal the broken hearted and continue to pour out grace and peace.

Romans 15v 13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy
and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may
overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit 


Mrs. Stam said...

I never been around honeysuckles but they sounds like a lovely flowers!!!!

Renata said...

Thank you - God spoke through your words to me today.

I have never seen or smelt honeysuckle, but it reminds me of the jasmine we have over here & I love that - such a wonderful sign of spring!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

We use to eat the nectar from the honeysuckles growing up...but they were the red honeysuckles..and the clear nectar was sweet like honey....oh the days.


Nicole Watson said...

A beautiful blog and a beautful family. May God bless all of you.

Kim M. said...

I just smelled honeysuckle today. If you grew up around it like I did, you can never forget it. Your post was beautiful, Robin. I love how you keep encouraging to savor each moment.


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