Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting lost in the waters

 I can hear the sounds of the waves as my family runs along her borders.
She, the ocean, is almost talking to me as each wave makes its way closer and closer.
The Sheshels as Channie calls them can be found everywhere along her front yard.
They bring the ocean's gifts to me as I sit and wonder and am in awe at her beauty.
We're all together here and the real world seems so far away.
For right now the ocean is doing her job, covering us with the undeserved joy of
The father of my children and the man I share my life with
is busy about his real work building high castles in the sand, holding the hands of little
ones who haven't decided if the waves scare them or delight them.
 It really doesn't matter, he is there, whichever way they decide.

Taylor pulling brothers on boogie boards as she borrows the oceans floor.
Tucker always on "watch" as he stands on her front porch.

The ocean lets us borrow her for the hours, days that we're here
and my mind mentally taking pictures of their feet in her surf. 
The way she brings out their play,
and the way their shadows look on her floor reminds
me to play more and watch more because their
shadows are getting bigger. 

and she reminds me to watch his smile as she leans heavy into him.
because one day the waves will never make him
go Crazy like they do when he's 6.. 

This one moment in time when the ocean helps you forget
all that's not right..
Your thoughts drowned out by the sound of the crashing of her doors.
You lose yourself.
You laugh

 I open her gift slowly and I take her waters and they
flood me and cleanse me and renew me. 
I'm thankful for this time that I have to remember the people
who God wants me to enjoy and delight in.
He knows how worked up we all get
but the ocean reminds you to slow down,
and remember who the Redeemer is. 

Who taught the moon where to stand till evening.
Who told the ocean she could only come this far?
My redeemer
My redeemer lives.

 St Augustine, Florida
May 2011


Cindy said...

I have often in the hardest times of my life...yearned for the ocean..her gentle breezes...the scent and the sounds of the ocean and her offspring.I love the ocean..such a chore to get ready and to go too..yet there..I feel her healing..thru my God!

I have waded out and just cried and cried..nobody could hear me..nobody could see...then I let the waves hit me..and it brings me back to reality..I turn and head back in..nobody the wiser..the face is wet from the ocean spray...I feel is still there..just cleansed for a while.

I feel your pain..I feel you sorrow..I feel your healing!Praise God for His beautiful promises..Praise God for giving us the ocean!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Dina Preuss said...

What a beautiful entry. This is my first visit to your Blogsite and I will return!

I especially enjoyed your ability to draw me into the ocean with you-- I could amost feel the waves touching my toes while I watched your family play.

Shelley said...

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...St. Augustine FL........that is where we live!!!!!! Oh, how I would have love love loved to have met you and your precious family!!!!! I hope that you had a wonderful time in our fair city!!!
Blessings to you dear one!!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~


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