Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Out my kitchen window...

The sun is shining through my kitchen window. It's early. Chores done for the little ones and off to the water they go. You couldn't separate them if you tried and although every day is filled with their little problems they seem to work it out somewhere between the pool and their bikes. I'm always around to put out the very big fires.

My kitchen window frames in my world. I can see them running and playing, swimming and jumping all from my kitchen window. They keep drawing me away from my work. I will see them laughing and playing and I have to stop and go sit a spell. Enjoying the beauty of water when their little bodies run through it.

My kitchen window frames the lessons I try to teach them. What keeps them close is that they share a life here and I never let them forget that. They share life together and life is for those who work it out. Don't hold grudges and forgive always. I try and remind them ever so gently (ok, so I am told that it is not that gently :) of their own short comings and how they have been forgiven much and so they're required to forgive.

Boys never let me forget how to have fun. They make me H-A-P-P-Y..They make my work a reward. They make my heart pitter- patter.The good times far out weigh the bad times and they know that life is good for them on this farm. Brothers are not allowed to tease little sisters and little sisters are not allowed to be brats to brothers. Simple courtesies that cultivate love and respect. Time spent working together and then lots of time spent playing together and eating Popsicles, swimming, riding bikes, watching movies with a big bowl of popcorn. It's a balancing act but I love making them laugh and
I love watching them be kids and run and jump and change clothes for the tenth time in one day(which I don't love so much).

My water bill is higher but they're happy and I'm happy so life is good.

This little guy will change the way you feel about the color brown.

He will make you wish you had three more just like him. He will make you
crave chocolate brownies and chocolate ice cream. He will make you crave the chocolate
fudge that slides down a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

He makes me happy :) I'm just saying...

I give God the glory for giving me the most wonderful, priceless gifts in the world.

Enjoy the gifts he has given you. Don't let this day be without laughter, fun, and craziness.
Throw caution to the wind and enjoy the gifts that God has graciously loaned to you.
Let the world know that motherhood is Fun and wonderful..
Oh, and don't forget to look out your kitchen window.
and when you do? think of me..:)


Anonymous said...

You got it right, sista! Motherhood is fun and wonderful, and I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars!

bbmommy2 said...

I do think about you Robin, when I look out my kitchen window. I think, she's doing this very thing right at this moment. Watching a country girl run with a chicken under her arm. Taking them in, soaking up each passing moment of laughter. Just multiplied by four :) and with a three scoops of chocolate love in the middle. I love it!

Hope your Summer is wonderful!
Love to you all.

The Ferrill's said...

I love how you love your big family life! Your post below about "dying to self" everyday, and living the wonderful life God has given you....well it really spoke to my heart!
I love my big family life too!
You really have a right perspective on enjoying and soaking in every moment.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Okay....I am officially infatuated with your family....I love it...I have gone back to look at many posts....what journey with the Lord embracing with each other AND I see that Laine is one of your friends so that must be why I like your blog as well:)

Laurel said...

Yes ... the blessings we can see out our kitchen windows if only we take the time to look, and to thank the Lord for each little blessing.

:) :) :)

rachellechaseblog said...

love love love this post. so sweet, and what a sweet little face!!


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