Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They'll remember the everyday

I go every week. I love the fresh veggies but what I love the most
is seeing her carry her basket around and plop the onions and bell peppers in and keep walking. She talks to all the old farmer men and they push back their farmer hats and take a minute to make a little girl feel special. Only at the local farmers market can a little girl carry a tent pole around and be right at home :).

They were selling fresh flowers and when Channie-mae walked by they asked her if she wanted one. She looked at me and said "how did they know I'm my daddies flower?"
"..hmmm I don't know Channie, they could just tell"..
Her face was as proud as a peacock in spring.
She carried that flower around half the day. Yep, I love the farmers market. You meet old friends and make new ones. Like the fellow that heard me say I had 8 kids and he walked up and said
"Excuse Ma'am, but did I hear you say you had 8 kids?"
 "Yes, I do"
and he replied, "I have a bushel of squash and I don't care much about loading it back up and lugging it home, would your kids eat it?"
 I smiled thinking he thought maybe I was a needy mama..but I smiled and said "sure we'd love it"
.. The niceness of strangers should never be turned down. I'll pass it forward and share this squash with someone else.   

I bought ears of corn for supper. 15 ears for $4.00.. this is great eating for a big family. I came home and everyone helped shuck it.

Little fingers pulling back the corn coat and looking for their piece of corn. They acted as if their cob might not be in there and when they got to the gold stuff they yelled and cheered. I had a big pot waiting with boiling water and when they got their corn all clean I threw it in the boiling water and we waited. 

and then the rain came. The afternoon rain showers usually drive
people inside but it drives us out. The kids taking a shower underneath the drain faucet. The rain drops washing the heat off their little bodies. I sit and swing and laugh and remember.
When I was a little girl my dad would throw us a bar of soap and
we would take showers in the rain.
I still remember.
 I wanted them 
to remember their own rain showers.   
Dancing, playing, and laughing in the rain.

Finding memories in the ordinary miracles
that God gives us today.



Anonymous said...

We had fun in yesterday's rain, too! But my children did not get clean, lol! They found the mud puddles and had a blast! I should have given them the soap while they were out there! :-)

bbmommy2 said...

Gracie really likes Miss Channie's pink boots. Rain shower....looks like a fun thing to do. :)


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