Monday, June 21, 2010

Bad Mood? Try This

Her brown eyes look adoringly at her father. She has a safe refuge in him. A place she calls home. A man who adores her and tells her so. A man who holds her like she still weighs 8lbs again.
He laughs at her country version of let's go down to
the river and pray. He fusses over her..He prays for her and lets her pray. He loves his flower and....
This girl l-o-v-e-s her daddy and guess what?? I do too.
side note: I love the way when I take his picture his ring is always showing.

Hours spent at this old wooden table with the castle men his daddy bought him.What a glorious day it was indeed when the mailbox had these men hidden inside. A special treat from his daddy who understands how a little boy needs knights and a castle. He spends hours playing here. Listening to me clank around in my kitchen.
I love looking over my shoulder at him when he's talking to his men about going into battle. He is the only one I have that likes to play by himself. I give him as much time as I can to go to battle within his imagination.

Summer time for us is spent at the pool alot. In fact both boys have learned to swim on their own. I make them jump off the diving board and swim to safety just to make sure. I love being in the water with them. I love knowing that I taught them to swim and they will remember. I'm all about remembering...remember? :)

Jo is only 4 and he is tearing the water up. He is a fish.
Cullen threw off his arm floats
and just swam.  Way to go guys!

These two little swimmers took a break and just watched. They love the water. They love their sweaty bodies layed up against each other. They never seem to mind piling up. My kinda girls:) 

Summer time is also about Ice Cream the "lick it off yourself  because your ice cream is so good" ice cream. We called 6 different ice cream places within a 30 mile radius from our house last week just to see if anybody had chocolate vanilla swirl from the machine because we LOVE chocolate vanilla swirl, but we found no one so we all piled up in the big red van and Scott took us to sonic. We shared licks like it was nobody's business and came home bellies full and laughing. Ice cream seems to do that to people.
Especially Us..
Try it the next time you're ill, stressed, or other wise just plain grouchy.
Pull the ice cream out and pile the bowls as high as the sky and see
the mood change. It's love I tell ya. 

Just celebrating motherhood
one ice cream at a time


bbmommy2 said...

I sCream, you sCream, WE all sCream for ice Cream....:P Love it!!

The Ferrill's said...

We had shakes today from Arby' the 1.00 menu! Jamocha shake? AWESOME!
You really are right...just try being in a bad mood and eating ice cream. It can't happen. you're RIGHT!
I showed Rob the picture of your twins and he said "they're so pretty". I looked at him like WHAT? They are EDIBLE!!!!!!
Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...!/group.php?gid=298474676508&ref=ts

Hello! I love your beautiful family. The joy you have is contagious! I wanted to share with you my friends facebook page called Cherish my Daughter. It is dedicated to her 4 daughters & their hair care. She uses all natural healthy products to bring out the best in the way she cares for their hair. I know if it is hard for her having course hair then how much harder for me & you who do not. I thought it might bless you to learn about the texture & maintenance of your twins hair.
God Bless you & yours!!!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I thought about you tonight. My sweet husband took me to Ryans (he had a few coupon) and they had chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream : )

Laurel said...

What a great post! Love it!

Oh so wishing we had a pool to swim in. Our town doesn't even have a public pool. So sad. And, the lakes around here aren't clean enough to swim in, either.

I LOVE chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream. We have a local dairy that has its own little store. You can buy the soft ice cream out of the machine, or a wide variety of "homemade" flavors from the tubs. Oh yea! Yesterday I had a bowl of cheesecake ice cream w/ blueberry swirl. Yummm ...


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