Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lessons from the Farm: Mr. Blue

He woke up and he was in a bad mood.
I've been there.
He said he must have slept on the wrong side of the bed.
I've  definitely been there.
Sleep still in his eyes, his hair a tangled mess, his feet shuffling as he walked.
Yep, I've been there. 
I said, "I know just what you need."
He looked at me.
"What?" he asked innocently enough
"Some Sugar"
He didn't want to. But I told him that sugar will cure what ails you, it will fix all of your many problems and it does.
So he came and took his medicine.
and guess what?
It made him feel all better.It cured his mood. All because of some little sweet sugar.
Thanks girls for sharing your sugar..


My girls have been making lots of bread and cookies.
Pounding their white covered hands into the soft stretchy dough
and smiling at me with flour sprinkled faces.

I love my job, overseer of these little faces.

We studied a bumble bee, looking for the three eyes and the two
antennas as we read one of our favorite books
The Book of Nature Study...
I layed in bed with all of my daughters to watch Pride and Prejudice
just one more time.
We had ten loads of laundry stacked all around us because
we had to do something while we watched:)
Channie asleep somewhere next to the warm towels,
the girls curled up in our laps, and Tay and I watching like it was the first time we had ever seen the movie.
We're bad...
Then I waited for my Mr. Darcy to come home with pizza because
I just didn't feel like cooking, and it was only Monday.
I'm real bad!

Missing a sweet little girl who filled our home with laughter and sunshine this weekend. Taking the time to love and be loved by this sweet little gift.

Jo came and tapped me on the arm yesterday asking
"Mama, where's Mimi?"
He probably misses her the most. Teaching them to love everyone, and to not be closed off but to love when you get the chance.
Always love even when there's risk involved.

Let today be different.
Look for ways to see the blessings in your day.
Have fun.
Love someone you wouldn't normally love.
Watch a movie for the hundredth time.
Get some lots of sugar.
and don't despair when Mr. Blue comes to visit...
He'll always leave..

......from my home to yours....


MamaHen said...

Oh,,,,I'm jealous of you watching P&P. I love that movie sooo much!

Shonni said...

What a precious post.

Corrie said...

Thank you for allowing God to use you to encourage me at the end of a weary day.


bbmommy2 said...

Sugar makes everything sweeter, and that looks like some of the sweetest sugar around.:) Sugar makes my day sweeter too! Good to see Mr. Blue's sweet smile.

Love ya,

Michael said...

Why is it that every time I read one of your post I am in tears and blessed all at the same time...I call those "good tears"! Precious post sister...always love reading and seeing those little angels in your life...Mr. Blue and all!!! Love you!


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