Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meeting the girls birth-mom and sister

The drive was long. My mind racing with what I would say to a woman who just gave me these two precious little girls. We will also get to meet Josie Claire and Ellie Cate's full sister (picture above) so we could get to see what the girls may look like when they grow up.

The first time I see her I think "she is beautiful." She is tall 5'8 and you can't even tell she just had twins. She and I hug and she turns her focus on the girls. She keeps saying "they're beautiful." We spend the next three hours swapping girls and stories or her life and ours.

She lost her mom a few years ago and I could still hear the sadness in her voice when she talked about how things would be different if she was still here.

We talked about how the girls were doing and she was so happy that they had gained some weight.

She could even tell them apart the moment she saw them.

I loved being able to meet her and to reassure her that we would love and cherish these miracles.

Little MiMi as she is affectionately called by her mom looked so much like the girls.

She showed me baby pictures of MiMi when she was born and oh my, same hair and little button nose. She had perfectly braided hair and L told me she would show me how to do the girls hair when they got about 8 months old. We saw pictures of the girls birth father and they had his fair complexion as did MiMi. He was tall 6'4.

We talked about the next time we would see each other and promised to keep in touch.

I want to be able to keep lines of communication open between us for years to come.

This is and will be the biggest gift I can give my girls. No wondering in the future, they will always know who their birth-mom is.

When we left I was mentally and physically wiped out. This was a huge day in our life and I have tons of pictures to look back on. I forgot to ask L if I could post them so in respect of her and MiMi I thought I'd only post a few until I could ask her.


Anonymous said... all I can say! I wish I could have met Gracyn's birth mom. She has to be beautiful..because Gracyn sure is! Gracyn has that same button nose you speak of! I love her nose...well I love everything about her! Great post..can't wait to see more pictures...and of course more of those precious girls! Love you sister!
Michael :)

Shonni said...

What an amazing blessing to be able to share this time with the birth family! I know that it is emotional for all, but I believe it will help her so much and what a precious part of the girls story to have.

Titus2Mom said...

What a precious post! BTW You have been tagged on Farm Kids in Crocs!


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