Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lessons from the Farm

Work as though someone is always watching you.

Gathering eggs is a job that is fun in the summer time,
but when it's cold outside the walk to the chicken coop is a little longer.
The coldness that you feel when you step out in the briskness of the newly found fall chills you to the bone and you want to turn right around and go back to what is safe and warm.
The reward at the end of your walk is fresh farm raised eggs, but you gotta get there first.
The walk is always the hardest part isn't it?
The reward is great but the walk can be difficult.
Deciding to home-school when your parents and friends think you just might have lost your mind. Having more children when the whole world screams don't do it.
Choosing to give away your stuff so that others might be blessed.
Choosing to love and forgive even though you don't really feel like it.

It's all about the walk.

This morning the girls were up at two and again at three, five and six....
The walk to their room was long but I reminded myself that the reward will far out weigh the inconvenience of not getting a full night of sleep.
I had to choose right then in the darkness what my attitude would be.
I choose to gather these blessings in my arms and sing sweet words of love, and I am glad that this is my job.

Channie has to be pushed in the morning to gather her eggs but when she gets there
and pulls out her treasure she's glad it's her job!

I don't want to be found having a bad attitude on the road the Lord has me walking.

I want to be found joyful and content, boldly walking, giving Thanks always!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these words of encouragement today. You must have known I needed them. I am praying for you all. I love the header picture with all of the feet. It is precious! Give me a call. Much love to you all!


Julie Redman said...

amen, lovely post!

Bria said...

What an encouragement! Thanks Mrs. Robin. I love the header.

Unknown said...

Thanks Robin, I needed to hear this reminder!

Donna D said...

Hi Robin,

Your posts are always so real and inspiring, so encouraging and uplifting. Every time I visit, I always leave with a greater sense of what is truly important. Thanks for sharing!

bbmommy2 said...

Your Channie is a cutie pie gathering her fresh brown eggs.

I like that chicken coop. Just ordered the plans for it. Got my honey, a honey please do project. LoL! Have been wanting chickens/fresh eggs for a while and when I saw that perfect size hen house on Kathy's blog (light bulb). I see also, that it can be a good daily chore for a three year old.:)

Lovely Post!BTW


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