Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The sun was not even a wake yet. My night of little sleep. I just wanted a hot cup of coffee and to read my e-mails..I had plenty of time before the rest of the house woke up.

I Thought! Not so. I heard feet coming up the hall way.Oh I whispered I only wanted a few minutes. He never wakes up this early. I never wake up this early.

I drank my coffee and poured him cereal.

I sat down with my back to him and his back was to me. His little feet crossed under him looking out the dark window.

I felt the Lord telling me that this was a moment...This was a few minutes that maybe Cullen needed with his mama. Some precious mins before he got busy with play and me with work...I got up and took my coffee to his table and sat across from those dark eyes and looked into the most beautiful wake up call..I asked him about his dreams and for the next 5 mins I heard about a 3 year olds dream of power rangers.

Important stuff...He told me every detail and I listened.He enjoyed this. No interruptions. Just me and him .. I hung on his every word.

He finished eating and then he was gone....

As I sat there I had to laugh alittle I almost gave up a few mins with my son for the computer. I almost deemed this computer more important than sitting across from my son while he ate his breakfast. I could of justified it.

It was way early.

I need my time

I deserve a break.

I never get one second of time.

All that is basically true but....... not at the expense of his time......

Lord Thank you for stolen moments.

Thank you for waking me up early.

For waking Cullen up early.

Lord help me to be mindful of things that take away from

me being a mama first....


Anonymous said...

I will have try that some time!

You are a great Mom / Wife / Best Friend !


Anonymous said...


You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Robin, thank you for sharing this. I struggle with the same thing and often don't choose what I should. I can't wait to hear about your baby! We are rejoicing with you and Cameron says hi! I wish I could have met you in person, like he got to.

In Christ, Laura


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