Sunday, November 23, 2008

The lighting of our lamps.

The lights are bright on my fireplace. Their faces aglow with 'their own light'.

It's a reminder that each one of my children is a light for the Lord.
Yes, maybe a small flicker, but a light none the less.
I have 6 little lights that radiate from my home every-day and every night (and people wonder why I Love having children). It's my job to make sure they're more than a flicker when the time comes for them to take their light from my fire-place and start out on their 'own journey'.
One little light doesn't seem like a lot but put six of those lights together and now we have some light. Our Light for the Lord. The light that will keep burning for generations.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those!

Anonymous said...

You have some precious "lights," and I feel sure they will shine for the Lord!


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