Monday, November 10, 2008

Life with a couple of two year olds.

Alot of days they are best buddies.
On most others they are trying to be boss with Channie winning most of those days.
Nap times are becoming less and less and 'play time' is becoming more and more.
Seeing their reflection in my windows getting bigger and bigger. Hearing a resounding "Amen" from Jokey in Sunday morning church. Channie having to go pee-pee every time she wants out of her car seat. Even tho she just went five mins before. Dancing like mad people to backyardigans.
Wearing flowers in her hair because her daddie put them there before he left. Screaming with delight over a sucker. Crawling in bed and snuggling long before Mr. Sun comes up. Hearing Jokey call his brother bubba..Playing mommie and being first.These all make up moments of my life with my two year olds. I love seeing who they are becoming. I love seeing Jo's smile and knowing he loves us because he knows no difference. I love seeing Channie love Jo because she just loves her 'bubba'.
Boo-Boos that Jockey tries to fixKisses of thanks

Adoption is a beautiful gift don't miss it..

pictures by Taylor


scott said...

Awesome pictures! Love your post, you are an awsome woman!

Anonymous said...

Precious children! Precious pics!

MamaHen said...

What cute pics! I love the new blog template and your music. Did you take the pictures? They are really good.

S and K said...

Such a beautiful post!

What incredible pictures!


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