Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moon pies and Unspeakable Joy!

The Joy of buying a box of moon-pies from the local tractor supply and them thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Simple Joy of laughter and good food with your brothers and sisters.
 I wonder if we have lost our joy in the hustle of the every day?   I wonder if joy is missing because so many have stopped looking for it?

The worries and the problems of this world plead with us to trade in our moments of Joy for days filled with stress and chaos.
Our children are looking,
they will follow us onto the battle-field of this life
and I want them to know that every day is a battle, it's a choice to either choose Joy or be joy-less I want them to seek hard after the Lord in this matter. They will soon enough be leading their own family in the battle of choosing.

 I can never forget that I'm in a battle for my children everyday.
Without the Joy in my home my children will find it elsewhere. They will seek out someone who loves them and accepts them but my children don't have to look very hard for acceptance and love and forgiveness and neither do I.
 It's abounding here on this farm and so the moments of Joy and laughter are also abounding.
It flickers through the trees like twinkle lights as the sun is setting.
It's everywhere.  

How can you be joyless when you have so many beautiful moments around you to revel in.
 My children are joyful. My children are cheerful and for me that's half the battle of parenthood. 
 The Lord has been so good to us all and not every day is filled with moon-pies and great sunsets but the Joy of the Lord should be sought after in all of life's circumstances.
It's my job to point to them and encourage them to seek the Lord's Joy.

True Joy is always found if you're looking.       

I am overwhelmed with my children and my grandchild.
I am grateful for every ounce of them and I lavish my love on them.

They know that I'm their biggest fan and I know their flaws and believe me they have them but I don't dwell there because I know their flaws will become some incredible teaching ground for the Lord. The Lord will use their weakness to grow them into the men and women he wants them to be.   

He does that in my own life.

It's my job to train them, in part, to be a joyful and grateful people in spite of their flaws.    

 I will continue to make their childhood one filled with joy.
I will pour out my life to make each one of them know that they're not just number four or six, but they are my favorite. I study and I learn and I re-learn things about them that make me stand before my loving Father and go 'seriously' you give me the privilege of being his/her mom? What have I done in your sight that grants such a gift as wonderful as this.  

 I am the one
that gets to teach these to walk and talk and I get to hold these when they're sick. I get to cuddle with these when they're scared or confused. I get to brush hair and brush tiny teeth. I get to make a pot of soup and home-made bread and bring it to them and watch them light up because it's their favorite. I get to stand on the side-lines and cheer for my son or laugh at my girls when they're being silly. I get to watch them play in the rain and take them for ice-cream.
I get to 

So I stay focused and look for ways to show them I adore them above all 

and when they leave this gravel road one day they will not have to seek after acceptance because they will have been bathed in it on this farm.
and their biggest fans will only be a phone call away.

love from the farm


Vanderpolclan said...

Thank you for your perspective on joy. It really built me up today. Joy is an attitude that we choose or choose not to. I plan to choose Joy.


Just A Family said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this precious reminder. Your babes are growin so fast!!!


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