Thursday, August 6, 2015

If you want them to remember then put it on paper!

 I found myself missing being here in all the pictures of our memories. Writing and keeping up with all the changes going on in our home. With the winter moved on I thought I had better get this post up about the wonderful snow we played in for hours.
The ice-cream we made and the hot chocolate we drank over a warm fire.

 We didn't have a sled but that didn't stop us from trying.

 We did have our baby lamb named baby girl and she was such a sweet warmth to get us through this cold winter. We raised her for 3 months then gave her to some friends who have a small hobby farm where she could learn to be a lamb instead of a dog.;)
  The confusion of life when there is no-one like you.

Our rain boots served us well this winter. Not one single day went by that these colorful boots were not put to good use on the farm. I will miss them this summer. Their feet slipping so easily into these beauties.

 We have a small fire-pit that we enjoy alot. From smores to hands it warms my heart. Such a small little thing but when they all huddle around it becomes a huge memory maker.       

The trees and the sky carrying a heavy weight of the white stuff and what a joy to share in these magical moments with the ones I love.

love from the farm,

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Karen Sue said...

Sometimes on hot, sweaty days, it's hard to imagine the cold, snowy days and nights. We store up the sun and blue sky for all those gray days that need a boost! Thanks for the pictures.


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