Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A few sunny days

The Lord blessed us with a few days in the upper 60's and it's always welcomed and needed.
We took hikes up the hillside and brothers danced in the Shadow of the sun.

Cooper, got up and fed mama Pig and her three babies and walked Rosebud out to her pasture and got in his boat and paddled around the pond. I saw him out there deep in thought and I cherish these moments with him.
He is such a joy and his sweetness always surprises me as he grows into a man. He's so loving and funny and I'm honored to be his mama.

Cullen digging deep in the old boat found this crazy looking bull-frog. He comes into my bathroom while I'm taking a shower and yells "hey mama look at this!"...I poke my head out to this ugly thing looking at me. I may have screamed alittle and Cullen belly laughed.

Channie-Mae, loves this land as much as I do and she walks these grounds like she's been here Lot's longer than her little 8 years. She grabs her cane pole and wets a hook and I see her spit on the ground like she means it. She's not embarrassed she just feels at home here. I chuckle to myself as her panties can't be seen and her little bottom is low riding in her skinny jeans.
I keep laughing at her and she say's What? Oh nothing Channie Mae keep your pole in the water.

Ellie and Josie painted the house for a couple of hours.  I love Honey for standing guard over them. I go in and out as I'm cooking supper and Honey is sitting there. These two are complete angels and I tear up just thinking about how I get to share life with them.
I love the moments of motherhood  tucking them in and singing songs together.
How they sit on the kitchen island and help me cook.

Joe always has a football helmet on which to us is just as common as eating. He sleeps with a football and wears a helmet anytime he's outside.
When I tuck him in at night he's got the biggest grin on his face and a bear and football always at his side. I adore this little guy. I see his personality emerging as he asks questions about where he once lived and I honestly am so proud of him. Joe, is just one of the nicest kids you will ever meet and well to say that he's alittle over protected by his brothers, mainly Cullen, is an understatement.
I love their friendship and I love the way Cullen accepts Joe, as just Joe.
Joe accepts everyone and It's a beautiful thing.    

I love this rowdy crew and my heart constantly reminds me just how much.


We ordered our chickens today and oh what a glorious day it is.
Everyone gathered around the computer screen as dad names each chicken and tells about each one.
They each get to pick out two and we are all just a little giddy waiting for the call from the post office. When baby chicks hit the farm it means business and we are getting ready. My favorite new place as of late is Tractor supply. We wander around in this store like it's a candyshop.
The little girls ride the little bikes they're trying to sell, right behind me as the guys load 50lb bags of sweet feed in my buggy. They only weigh 30lb's each so  this is always a little dramatic as they lift and push these bags on my cart. I end up walking away assuring them they got it.

Poor Rose-bud has to endure Channie's head yet once again as she looks for milk.
I try and explain that Rose-bud has no milk yet but Channie checks almost everyday.

Did I mention she is country?

      We did alot of work on the farm these last two days getting ready for planting. My face a little pink from working in the sun. My body a little sore, but a joy in my heart as I work along side these little people.
We are excited for the new life that spring brings and with everyone being one year older it makes all the work just a little easier and alot more fun.

They stand on the edge of this property and with their hair blowing in the breeze.  I snap a moment in time as they travel this dirt and I travel alongside them.

My lens revealing that they're growing and I'm getting older and I have no regrets.
I wake with the sun shining  through my window and drift asleep to the moon shining over this farm
and I lived this day every minute of this day walking along side some of the greatest of God's creation.
My Kids. His Kids.
and I am humbled to be their mama.

~ Enjoying Surprise warm days in the middle of winter~

Love from The Farm

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