Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The stuff we share together

Christmas 2014
Marlee's first Christmas on the Farm

It's so awesome having a grandbaby. I could sit and stare for hours.

My kitchen is always full of little girls in wool socks and rain boots.

Bella sleeping with the girls so they don't get scared

Reading the same book for the 10th time we have power but we love candle light.

 Coopers birthday celebration
The big 13

Everyone got new rain boots for Christmas. 

Helping Tuck with his fireplace adventure

Christmas at Highlands

Roll Tide all the way

Getting her rythm on with the drums 

Cullens 10th birthday
Celebrating double digits

Channie and Cullne helping with the last wedding

So that you will remember God's faithfulness and His great love for us.


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