Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 ways to make your kids feel more loved.

Take them to the edge of the sea and tell them who made it.
Teach them how God loves details and these gifts are ours to enjoy.

Love their daddy.
Kiss him and adore him right in front of them.
They may seem embarrassed but truly
this makes their heart jump inside.

Cultivate love between brothers and sisters.
Let them work along side each other then have
fun along side each other.
Cheer for the same team, any team, but make it a part of who
you are as a family.
 (For best results bama works best ;) 

 Pick them up and twirl them around in your arms; body small.
Take it all in and remind them of God's goodness by allowing them to be in your family. They are a gift to you and to each other, remind them often. 

 Love on them a lot...
Even when they're older.
Be silly and make them laugh.We get so caught up
in being serious but there is a time when laughter is the best medicine.

 Don't let your touch seem hesitant or tense.
Don't let your hugs be few and far between.
(In fact stop reading and go hug them now).

Spontaneously chase them down the beach
and grab them up and tell them over and over
how much you love them.

They should not have to wonder.

Teach them to love

 Show them how to love.

 and they will love you in their own way in return
they're different than you are and they each show it differently.

 Take them out after walking on the beach to this little pub that sits directly in front of the ocean winds and share a feast with them.
Pack your table with food and drink
Don't look around at what people think
Don't worry about the noise they make
Bask for a moment in the creation of your God made family
and smile and breathe in the goodness of this moment.

 At the end of your dinner, bellies full and goodbyes said to the sea,
make sure you collect all the love letters that they wrote to you while
you were basking. 

Remember to watch for the unexpected, love when you don't feel like it
and run this race of parenthood until your nikes are worn out.  


Laurel said...


Have you seen my new blog:

I'd love to have you do a guest post sometime.

Laurel :)

Renata said...

Hi Robyn
This is just beautiful & I'm sorry that I don't get across here as often as I'd like to leave a comment! I love your heart~ the love you have for your family just shines through in every word you write. I wish I lived closer & could get some mothering tips from you!
Have a wonderful, beautiful day

Karen Sue said...

Thanks for a good start to a busy day..2 kids off to school, one college kid home on break and lots to do to get ready for the crowd that will be here on Thursday - HUNGRY!
Please keep writing. These are the things I need to read...

Rachel said...

Whenever I am having a not so chipper day, I love to come visit your blog and get a little pick me up. Thanks for your goodness.

RachelD said...

Beautiful words! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! ~tammy


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