Saturday, November 10, 2012

My soul

Being Thankful....
Fathers not provoking
Not being angry
Not being nitpicky

Harsh words spoken
hearts closed
Please open him back up to joy
color leaves 
cold feet
babies playing hair-do
late morning with Scott
daughters who love to cook
bible time

Lazy Saturday basking, clothes hanging on the line, 
green house with girls eating kale.
The weather perfect. 
My heart healing from a summer of personal reflection.
God's perfect plan for me feels different then ever before. 
Moving on and walking through a door I have never walked through hard.   

Babies growing up.
Breeze blowing in my face.
Sun warm, your sunshine so warm
so peaceful, relaxing, generous
Thoughts clear
air fresh

Moments to rest, to reason, to bask in Your glory Lord.
Friends move on...
little pieces of my heart gone.
Enjoying my life anyway

Baby William rejoicing in heaven,
singing with the angels.

Life all around me
Games being played
Lady bugs, airplanes, blue skies
leaves fall, grass fades
her foot steps on hardwood searching for me
gates locked to keep others out
to keep me in

My bedroom a place of peace.
No rushing, no going from one place to the next 
Just sitting a spell and taking a breath
and saying,
"Thank you Lord,
for all of this".


A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

Missing y'all...the warmth of your home...the warmth of your friendship. The beautiful pictures are an accurate reflection of the warmth I feel when there with you all. Blessings and hugs sent to everyone...Sherry

Karen Sue said...

Such a peaceful retreat. Mine has become way too cluttered and not very restful. It is time to fix that again. You just need to do that from time to time. Thanks for the reminder. Such a nice post. Thanks. The weekend was a little much and I needed this today. Bless you for blessing me!


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