Wednesday, September 26, 2012

talking about my girls..

Waking up with barely a cup of coffee in me, I stumble upon this little splash of sunshine on my little girls. I love the sun and I love the way she makes me notice. Notice their legs and how long they've gotten lately. How their clothes are warm to the touch and how inviting our breakfast table looks with the sunbeams laying on top.

The sun..last night we took a ride across the pasture to watch her go down and it was the most beautiful sunset I think I've ever witnessed. We sat there until she fell deeper and deeper into the bottom of the earth. All the kids yelling, "no Sun don't leave-- not yet!" and their faces lit up as she disappeared and I told her goodnight and we'd see her in the morning... I drove back with faces smiling in my rear view mirror as we all knew we just witnessed something special. A gift. 

I also love the light from the 3 little candles that stood  on top of their farm birthday cake. It glows in their eyes and I honestly can't believe they're 3 already. Totally potty trained which I thought would never happen..:) and obsessive about their pink cowgirl boots. They put them in front of their beds and we have to slowly take them off at night with promises of putting them on again in the morning.

Yes, ummm her pants are on backwards..she dressed herself

I can't write a post about all my girls without mentioning Rosebud. Her beautiful eyes watch me as I walk this farm and I never ever could believe the beauty and love that I could have for a cow.

and for cowgirl boots on a fence I'm just saying

and my two best cow hands;)Just kidding guys..Yes, Channie is dressed like an Egyptian?? You learn not to ask..

Yep, the daylight keeps us busy and the daylight keeps me
noticing the everyday beauty all around me.The clothes on the line blowing in the wind. The fresh baked bread and the smell of fall.
 Thank you Lord for letting us live here. Thank you for letting my children grow up in the lush green pastures and beautiful sunsets that we call our home on this farm. And thank you for these amazing girls in my life and the privilege of working along side them while the sun is up.


carolinatractorgirl said...

Just LOVE the new blog design!! And the pix as well!! I love my cowgirl boots too, but unfortunately in a mishap with a mad, mommy wantin' calf, they got completely torn up and had to be sent to the trash can. :)

Oldqueen44 said...

some cute little cowgirls

Karen Sue said...

3 boys and 1 girl here. All special in their own ways, but there's nothing quite like a girl! Mine got her first cowgirl boots this summer before returning to her 3rd year of college. A birthday gift belated and a reward. I have a picture of Andy Sue on my latest post with her very smelly, after the football game brother! She made it her profile pic!

James said...

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Paint Me Pretty said...

I happened to come upon your story via youtube and I think you and your family are amazing. The love I see in these children is so godly. All the children possess a special god-like quality,that is such an indicator of what wonderful parents they have. I know it will get a bit difficult as time goes on but continue being an instrument for God and He will gently see you through.May all your children continue to be blessed by the mighty hand of God.Your family seems to be a true living example of what Jesus was. Thank you for sharing your story, Kristi.


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