Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day's end.

There is a moment in my day when the light is perfect. The sun comes streaming through my little piece of heaven, glistening on mailboxes and letters written by my best friend/oldest daughter. That sun...she shines on skin and my plants and I walk into her every morning, eyes squinting but knowing my way on the path.

The sun coming and making her way into my morning as I sip my coffee and holding babies. I want to be like her (the sun) bringing light into a dark world. Teaching, loving, light bringing to my children. Making their world sparkle and glisten. I want them to recognize God everywhere. In the sunset, in the sunrise, in the rain. I want them to love looking through their world and loving the view regardless. I know I do. 

There is a moment in my day when I drop everything and grabbing keys to my old farm truck and loading the crowd of squealing kids and driving around the sun sparkling farm and watch her leave for the day. Watching the wind blow their hair and watching their faces as the sun dips into her glitter bucket one last time for the day and painting them a nice golden glow color. That is my favorite part of the day, in that old truck. Window rolled down driving through hay fields. Simple living..drinking from jars, an old one eye dog who lives with us and trees that are climbed everyday.
And the Sun.  

Coming home and racing to the house and they all make me promise to do it again tomorrow. I pinky promise I'll take you to the sun again and let you tell her goodnight. If you pinky promise not to grow tired of driving around in the back of my old pickup. They all promise they won't but we all know they will and I'll be taking that old truck up hay fields by myself one day and saying goodnight to the sun and looking in the back and remembering that this was my favorite part of the day.  


Taralyn Rose said...

I loved this post. It was so, so beautiful and sad.

carolinatractorgirl said...

You just can't help lovin' those old farm trucks (and the new jacked-up ones too). Beautiful post.

Laurel said...

Love it!

:) :) :)


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