Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Twins

The Twins
September 19, 2012
Happy Birthday 

The point of view of my life living with these two crazy 3 year olds is
just amazing. I never expected them you know? I was planning on something
different for my life. Maybe a little boy with blonde hair and brown eyes like
his brothers but in his stead I get two energetic twins who have done more than I ever thought possible to show me God's glory and His grace.
I don't deserve them in the least. And I guess that's why I remind myself often
that The Lord didn't have to wrap them up and deliver them to our door, my door.
I'm undeserving.
They are beautiful and they are full of life.
They are daughters of the King and I feel like Mary sometimes.
Why me Lord? It is a pleasure and a joy to carry your daughters.
I watch them grow and I am reminded of their birth mom.
They have her sweet smile.
They smile a lot.
They also cry a lot. They're emotional and play off each other like two wild cats.
They're dramatic with their love with their boo-boos, with anything that touches their world.  
They're slightly bow-legged and one of them stutters when she
talks.They wake up in the middle of the night and sneak in bed with
their sister. She says she doesn't mind because one day they will not rustle covers and put cold feet on her. One runs her bare feet down long black hallways
to her brothers room and sleeps with him. He doesn't mind. 
They suck their thumbs and rub their belly-buttons at the same time.
They cry when you do their hair and love cowboy boots?!
They walk this farm with me and cry at every single ant bed they see and
cow patties send them into hysterics. Bugs of any origin are not their friend.
They study people and will not go to anybody they don't feel comfortable around.
They're not shy, just cautious. I like that about them now. I used to let it worry me
or get upset with them because they didn't greet everyone with a hug but
the Lord has taught me through this that they are who He made them and they
know who they like to be around.
 One loves to cook (Ellie) and the other (Josie) loves to help clean.      
They go together so easily it makes you want to be a twin.
It makes you want to be in their world because their language is so much cooler than ours. They understand each other.
They burp at the same time. Go to the bathroom at the same time and often say
the same thing at the same time. They love Alabama football.
They will sit through the entire game yelling and pulling for the Tide.
 My kind of girls.

Ellie was looking out the window and Taylor whispered,
"whatcha thinking about?"
She said, "my birthday cake".
It makes you want to run out and buy the biggest cake ever.
So we did.

We are celebrating their life and we are celebrating our life with them in it.

I whisper, "Thank you Lord for 3 beautiful years!"


carolinatractorgirl said...

Happy Birthday, cuties! Funny, ya'll have the same day as my mom!
Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday beautiful girls!! Such sweet gifts from God. Praying your family is blessed in this nice peek of Autumn to come. with love ~tammy

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!!
Having a Twin is a special blessing from God....I know....I have one!

Rachel said...

Ahhh, so very sweet. Happy Birthday to those 2 sweethearts. What a blessing for sure!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday Josie and Ellie!!! Your sweet little presences are a blessing to all. :)

<3 Joy

Laurel said...

My identical twin girls are 23 . . . but oh the fun memories of their growing up years.

:) :) :)


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