Thursday, October 4, 2012

A wedding

It was simple, quaint and beautiful. A small lake wedding, a grandfather doing the marrying, a girl behind the lens of her camera
and a mom with lots on her mind. 

I loved working along side her and I loved watching her with camera in hand as she tried for that perfect shot.

Are you tired of parenting? Do you feel as though you'll never get it right?
or live through it?
Let me encourage you to stay on the course that is set before you.
Yes, it's hard some days but if you can imagine your little ones all grown up one day and your days of parenting them gone, it will help you keep your job as mom
in prospective. I marvel at where our time went with Taylor and Tucker.
I did not blink.
I kept looking at the hands of time and knew this was all just temporal.
It still shocks you though when you realize that it's almost over.

I was with them every step of the way and yet I think I missed something because
it seems as if over night they grew into adults.

I'm glad I have no regrets. The time I get them now is a bonus sort of. She will marry a fellow and he will marry a sweet gal someday and when they do I'll be ready ( or at least I keep telling myself that)  because I have walked this road of their life with them every step of the way and I know that step will be just as beautiful.

I will not blink as I send them off to start their own family either.
I will stand beside them and support them on their journey.  

 There are years in parenting that you honestly believe you'll be in overdrive mode forever and the frustration mounts and you don't handle them gently. You crave free time and time away to only wish you had it all back when you grow old. When you're sitting on your front porch looking at an empty yard. When you're buying grorceries for just 2 or 3.
You will miss the times when you can sleep deep because they're all tucked in and under your roof. 

 But you trade in your already borrowed time for some useless something and then you blink and they're grown. So many parents are left wondering,
"what if I would have done something different?"
 Now, we all know that God is sovereign and nothing you do will change His plan.

But so many trade hours of their time to be away from the few hours they have with their children. 

I'm so thankful that I didn't blink. I savored every single moment with this daughter/son of mine. We shared our days in homeschooling, hours and minutes and what seems strange to the outside world was a mixing of our souls that will never be unmixed.

A monumental amount of memories that will carry me through my old age.
When I sit in my rocking chair I'll have a smile on my face because I soaked up every single part of them. I was not and am not a perfect mama...I have and have had bad days but it's the getting up after bad days remembering what my mission on this earth is and I kinda hope/pray my swings will be filled with lots of grandbabies;)

So as they venture out and start their jobs and I'm able to share in their adult
world it's a bitter sweetness.

This weekend I watched her work and realized that this arrow is sharp and the time to launch her is close.

So for now I'll enjoy my bonus time with both of them.

Enjoy your children and don't blink.


Jen said...

I so much enjoyed your post today. It is one of those day where I wonder if I am doing it at all right. We also home school our son. Thanks for the encouragement. I would really love to have you as a follower. Blessings~Jen

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post, you make me think more carefully about my future and (hopefully) children to be. Also, your blog header, I found myself stareing at it and thinking, 'Artistic Perfection' it is beautiful. You've mastered the camera and put everything together just right.

Esther said...

Today was one of those fed-up days for me... Experiencing that I am not perfect at all and fearing to grow old without soaking every moment I have, while my kiddos are young and with us, and while the family is together.

I have four boys (all younger than 10) and my baby girl is two weeks old. We also homeschool our kids. It is sometimes hard, but many times I just don't want to admit it to anybody - even to myself...

I so loved this post - it touched my soul. Thank you for being an eye-opener for me. I just needed to adjust my focus. That is: God and His perfect plan with our not-so-perfect family.

Thanx for being God's voice speaking to my heart right at the time of need.

God bless you!

ps: Can I have your permission of translating this post into Hungarian and publish it on my blog (with a link to this page)? Some Hungarian homeschooling mamas read my blog who don't speak English and I think that way, it'll be a blessing for them, too.

Heather said...

What an encouraging post! This has been on my mind a lot lately. My oldest is about to turn 12 in December and it seems like he was just born! Thanks for the encouragement!


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