Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A warm landing

 I search the sky for rain and know we're gonna be locked in for a few days. The heavens don't disappoint me. The rain comes. We find the shelter of our home to be a safe dwelling place. Books being read and little ones needing me all over the place, the feeling of being needed is such a sweetness. Knowing that right now, this very minute, I make their world a warm landing. I create in my home a place of peace and rest or a place that is filled with unknowns. I want them to understand that my home will always be a place of peace and comfort but never a home of rest. We should always be about Gods business and with that comes work. Teaching my children to love and nurture is a huge part of the journey that I believe is one of the most important journey that I can teach them.

Teaching them that no matter who walks through our doors they are welcomed and we will love. Keeping our doors locked and never letting people in will never teach our children, or ourselves for that matter, that all we own and all we have belongs to Christ.
Our new days, when the sun slowly warms the soil on this farm, the comfort of fresh food and hot rolls. The sweet love of brothers and sisters.
They all come from a gracious heavenly Father who pours out good gifts. We need to pour those gifts out to others so that they can say, " God intervened and sent me help". Sometime our homes will be God's good gifts to others, sometimes our food. Sometimes our money.....We have to get into the habit of giving of ourselves completely. Poured out like the rain. Taking chances and saying, "it's all Gods anyway". My time, my money, my home are all His anyway..So unlock your doors..and be ready to be blessed by God and blessed by the very people who come through those doors. You only think your blessing them when in reality they will bless you more.

The rain watering. The sky black. My house full..I'm tired most of the time. I always try and eat healthy and get in my exercise, but I have to admit when night fall hits I dream of my bed. I long to get everyone tucked in and then find myself asleep early. I can't wait for the next gift day. Tomorrow. What will I accomplish, what will I let God accomplish through me? Will I love big?  After years of practice I'm learning to truly not sweat the small stuff, as corny as that may sound. I've been through "big stuff" and the pleasure I have in raising my children gives me great reasons to rejoice and share what I have. The people that complain the most are the very people who haven't been through the big stuff yet. All the big stuff is used by God to work His righteousness into us and carry on when burdens bare down. When the day to day come back around you lay low because you realize you are low. You tend to keep your mouth shut more because you realize you don't have all the answers  You love the simple things, the simple days because you realize how fast things could change. The big stuff makes you long for a simple life.

Nothing I do today is more important then teaching my children to love and to love well. Sometimes, loving others requires hard things, getting rid of our own selfishness, and our rights to comfort and time, but before long God will move us to a new position and require more out of us then we ever dreamed we had in us.


Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...


Laurel said...

Having walked through TOUGH stuff for 2 solid years ... I yearn for the simple days of "just" loving on my children. I am bone-weary from the BIG stuff ... my heart crying out for simple.

Please be in prayer for our family.

Thanks for your always-encouraging posts!


Renata said...

Hi Robyn
Thank you for your words ~ this last year has been particularly tough for me, yet I know God has used it to produce many good characters in me & I hope it's helped me realise about what is important to prioritise in life. Your words were definitely challenging & what I needed to hear!
Blessings friend

WhitneyandScott said...

We so often run into even other Christ followers who are so quick to say "but what about your 'own' children?" and I am blessed and encouraged by your sweet reminders that life is meant to be poured out for Jesus - not meant to be easy and comfortable and safe all the time - and that even little ones can learn to share big and serve big and to love big.

Mrs. Stam said...

loving those precious pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

Just found your sight, linked to an old Generation Cedar post...just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your writing style. You had me in tears with almost every post! I think it's just how you are able to point out the sweet in life--even through the tough moments. And life IS very sweet. Thank you.


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