Sunday, September 6, 2009

Going West

Over the weekend our family took a road trip with some friends to the Amish Country. We got to meet and spend some time with the West Ladies! They live in a small Amish community, It was almost like walking back in time as we hit the worn dirt road they lived at the end of. We swam and some of us worked in their garden. We got to meet their Amish neighbors. We learned about tons of different herbs and their uses as Ms. West walked us through her garden. We had a dance one night, some friends of theirs came over and with the light of the moon (and some head lights) we danced the Virginia Reel. One night they performed a mini concert for us as they also had some unexpected guests come by from Virginia.

We swam even though it was a little chilly!

I loved the oldest daughter Jasmine. She was always watching out for her mom and seemed to be over-protective of her, making sure she was taking care of her self.

Two van load of unexpected guests arrive and Ms. West invites them in and shows perfect hospitality..

We got to help milk the neighbors cow and feed her animals.

Ms. West showed us tons of different herbs and things to take for the Swine flu.....She is a walking book..

Cullen was the biggest ham on this trip.
He was a cowboy one minute and an Amish boy the next.

This is Josh, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!

They say that shoes can tell alot about a person these hard working boots belong to Mr. Lee who is always doing something constructive.

The girls getting ready to jump in Cane creek. (papa Pearl Land) for those of you who know Papa Pearl. Yes we did see him.....!!

Channie Mae enjoying the swing and her first camp-out in a tent..

Jordan and Coop working in the West's garden. I love the way Jordan always lets the little boys help him even though they may sometimes get in his way.

Coop spent most of his time with his good friend Jeremiah catching crawdads out of the creek.

Taylor and Dubs! They have a on again, off again relationship..:)

They sang for us for about an hour...

I took this picture of Ms. West while we were at Cane Creek..I told her she looked like she could be baptizing someone..

This is the West's outdoor kitchen.

Meeting new people and doing new things really stretched our family this weekend.
In a good way. No power and out houses give a new meaning to "roughing it."
We love spending time with our friends and meeting new ones....
Who knows where our next Road Trip will take us!
Scott and Tucker were not with us most of this trip because they were canoeing on the Elk river.
They joined us on Saturday night....


bbmommy2 said...

What a wonderful trip and experience. I am a little star struck that you all visited the West ladies because I just received thier bread making dvd this week. To me, anyone that has thier own dvd is famous. (laughing at myself) I'm sure they are humble and don't see it that way. Your family seems to do alot of interesting things.

P.s. I made the tostados, they were great, but my hands burned for hours from chopping the jalapenos. Lesson learned, next time wear gloves.(smile)

Olivia said...

How fun! That is how I picture Taylor living... Simple and happy.

Titus2Mom said...

We love this post! Can we go next time? Please!!! Looks like you all had a great time!! I love the one of Ms West in the creek!

rcsnickers said...

What a blessed trip! Can you share her advice on what to take for the swine flu? Thanks!

Kim M. said...

I'm jealous!

CWHill said...

I LOVE their Homestead Blessing videos! How awesome that you got to meet them.


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