Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look Mom! I did Jo's hair

We have to do alot of special things with Jo's hair. Everyday Taylor rubs him down with coconut oil and puts on a special moisturizer for his hair or it would look really dry.
One morning we were in a hurry and Channie came in and said "look mom I did Jo's hair."
To my shock and amazement she had used half the bottle of cream on his head..
He was a trooper about it.... (even though he had to get his hair washed again.:)
There is nothing like having a little sister. (Even if she is actually two weeks older :)


Bria Cosper said...

LOL. You gotta love all the messes they make. Yesterday Mallie and Kyla got into what they thought was lotion. Smeared it all over themselves and their hair. Turns out, it was diaper rash cream!

Titus2Mom said...

LOVE IT! Hilarious! You guys are the best friends. Always a story going on!


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