Saturday, October 11, 2008

Foot Soldier for Christ

foot soldier Definition:

soldier who moves and fights largely on foot; infantryman
a person who does the hard or routine work at the lowest levels of an organization, group, etc.

As I get my "un-expected" marching orders from the Lord I set out on my wobbly feet and wonder if I can do this.
But I march
I check with Him again this morning just to make sure he hasn't changed His mind.
I march.
I feel as though my feet have been down this path yet it's so unfamilier at the same time.
I march.
I feel blisters from my last orders I recieved.
but I continue to march
I'm not sure I'm the best one for the job to be carried out but I have told Him how un-worthy
I am and He assures me He knows.
So I march.
The wind blowing, the rain coming, and the hill in front of me is all un-known but I
march toward the One who called me to march and know that His plan is better.

I find myself slowly looking back down the road I've been marching and wonder this
time if my road will fork.
Wondering this time if my orders will be changed.
Yet, I march on and press in to my Father because He is the only one
who knows how bruised and broken I am. He is the only one who knows,
how bad it hurts. He is the one that called me, so I will march to bring Him glory and know that
in the end it's His will not mine.

I'm just the foot soilder....


Anonymous said...

Very well said. I can greatly identify with your ponderings.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to read with that background!


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