Monday, October 6, 2008

The grass has given way to dirt.

The place their little feet drag across

when it's their along waited time.

The hours spent "holding on."

The day goes by and the sun is melting behind them. Their feet so dirty that I wonder if this time they will come clean. The smiles that this one simple swing brings.

The tears come as well. Falling, scraping, not enough time on their beloved swing before they have to give it up to another.

I look out my front door and realize this summer is gone and I pray that I didn't waste it.


missy said...

love these pictures and thoughts. i just took almost the exact same pictures of our swing that inspired a blog post too. hope you are all doing well. any baby news?

Anonymous said...

such deep thoughts.....

I sure love the way you view our life.

Your adoring husband...


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