Monday, January 31, 2011

They leave me breathless by the sea

With winter dragging on, the coldness sets us on a journey to the sea.
Where we climbed in abandoned trees and pretended to sail in boats that
sat right outside our window. We drifted on the ocean floor even though the
water was cold. We found treasures for our memory bank and ran and played in the
surf. We laughed and ran and ate great food at a restaurant called The Oyster House and less
than 24 hours later, we came home.


Sometimes sticking your toes in the sand for just an hour or two does you more good than anything else
in the world. The wind blowing in your face, your worries seems to blow away as well. If God can create the sea then why should we worry?  I sat and prayed to the Lord who made it all and thanked Him for the beauty he gave us to enjoy.
and I grabbed some sugar while I was at it.


It was sheer joy watching the kids run and splash in this too cold water. They didn't mind. They were
at the beach and their minds were preoccupied as well at the beauty that surrounded them.

No one there but us and a few snowbirds...but it was our day. It was as if we had reserved
the whole beach for an hour or two.

The joy of watching the faces of two little girls who have never seen a wave or felt the sand between
their toes.

As the ocean pulled them in they forgot for an hour or so that it was the dead of winter.
They forgot that the sun sets and the water and wind get cold.
They came out freezing but no-one complained (much):).
We went back and took hot baths and piled up and watched movies..   

By the bay I looked for treasures of sea glass. Glass that is broken. Glass that is every shape and size.
Glass that has endured the waves and sand and comes out looking more beautiful then ever.
I want to be like sea glass.
More beautiful as I get roughed up by the waves or more
roughed up by this world.
I always want to be in awe of God's beauty and the
beauty he is molding me into.

A very special thank you to grandma momo for letting
us barge in. Thank you for your hospitality and your food :)


Mrs. Stam said...

we have lots and lots of snow over here, How this post made me long for spring!!!!

Laurel said...

I have to laugh a little ... I think your "cold" and my "cold" are a bit different. I had to wonder how "cold" it was in your part of the country.

Yesterday, after weeks of rain, we finally had a day of blue skies and sunshine. We went to the beach, too.

We wore our warmest winter coats. We bundled up with hats, scarves, and mittens. And, we were still cold.

It was 28 degrees yesterday at our beach. And, with the cold North Eastern wind blowing down from Canada, it was closer to 10 degrees, with the wind chill factor.

We climbed on driftwood. We walked quite aways down our rocky beach. (We don't have sand on our beaches here in the Pacific NW.) But, we didn't swim in the surf. We didn't wear our sandals.

We enjoyed the beauty of God's creation. We looked out to the vastness of the sea that He created. We watched a bald eagle swoop low, and then land on the beach.

We, too, chose to enjoy the wonders of the Lord, despite the cold.

I'm so glad that you all were BLESSED with a day away.


cooperkelly4 said...

Beautiful photos that carry such sweet memories. Love the analogy of the broken glass. Being molded here too. ♥

Anonymous said...

So glad and thankful for respite, so much good in less than 24hrs! Love it, tammy
Prayin you are doin well!!

quilt'n-mama said...

What a beautiful posts, especially about the refining of sea glass, how true it is that our Father wants to smooth the edges of life and use it for Him.

Chantelle said...

Hi. I can't find your email. Could you drop me a line at Thanks!

Renata said...

Hi Robin
We just arrived home today from a holiday by the sea! It was & is absolutely awesome & I agree everyone should have a sea break now & again! Of course since it's summer over here there was lots of swimming going on!
I just love your photos - beautiful!
Have a wonderful day

Unknown said...

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