Monday, June 23, 2008

When the hearts of fathers and their children are bound together, God works to spread His gospel and His kingdom through the generations.
Luke 1:17

Taylor and I have a very close and intimate relationship. She is my dear sweet friend and my beloved daughter whom I'm Very proud of in the purest sense.

She is my right arm and my thought finisher..
For these past 15 years I have been honored and at times frustrated with our progress as we have learned to balance our relationship.
It took training and time to get where we are today and a servant attitude on her part.
She is not perfect and just like the rest of us she has her moments and possible even her days of working through this road that God has put her own...
Living in a larger family takes alot of work.
Alot of patience and bearing with one another.
I do tons of encouraging and training in her attitude of the work that is put before us.
I use the phrase "its only for a season" alot..
The Lord has been quickening my heart lately about the relationship she has with her dad.
She has very little time with Scott because there are ALOT of little hearts that fight for his time and she seems contended to wait her turn but I want to raise a daughter that "knows" her father..
I want her to know how he conducts himself ..I want her to know his habits and his shortcomings. I want her to honor him for whom he is..
I want her to fall in Love with her father and go before the Lord with thanksgiving for this man he put in her life.
Very few girls or women have this kinda relationship with their dad and frankly It makes me so sad.
Dads don't or won't take the time to spend with their girls..I see dads that need "their" time to play golf or to hunt when their kids need them so bad..
Am I saying that dad's shouldn't do these things?
Yes, I am if they are away from the home all week and only see their kids minutes a day then they don't have time for a hobby.....Hobbies come after our job as parents.
We get so worked up about "our free time" when we should feel the urgency about our work as mothers and fathers....this is not easy..I struggle with this because my nerves get me like everyone else's..but
We should all be about "Our Fathers business"...That takes time.

Where I'm going with all of this....

We have the opportunity because Scott is one of three owners of a business, for Tucker to go to work with his dad every Friday.
He is learning and most importantly he is working along side his dad.
I approached Scott about Taylor having a day where she goes with Scott and he LOVED the idea and so did she.
They will have two hours on the road and a whole work day working along side her father.
Eating lunch together and growing their relationship.
I can't tell you how excited I am for her.
She will learn so much from being with her dad. It was a sacrifice on my part because all of this adds up for more work for me, but this time binding their hearts will be carried on to the next generation.

I want you to consider how you can bind your daughters and hubbies heart..
I know our solution would not work for most but get creative and make it a priority.
I would love to hear from some of you on how your huband spends time with your daughters.

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Anonymous said...

I was raised being outdoors with my dad. This meant working cattle, building fences, gardening, or whatever his task was that day. We also went fishing and he taught me how to do many other things. I would not trade any of was work but it was also learning my dad's traits and personality.


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